Indonesian Choirs Excel in Tokyo International Choir Competition


The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo (KBRI Tokyo) proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of six Indonesian choir teams who won top honors and awards at the 5th Tokyo International Choir Competition (TICC) organized by the International Choral Organization of Tokyo (ICOT) from July 28 to July 30.

"I am truly proud and appreciative of the extraordinary achievements of these Indonesian choir teams. I encourage them to continue practicing to maintain their excellence. I also hope that one day we will have Indonesian judges participating in this competition, as Indonesia's presence in such events fosters friendship among nations," said Ambassador Heri, accompanied by Mrs. Nuning Akhmadi, Educational and Cultural Attaché of KBRI Tokyo, Yusli Wardiatno, and Young Diplomat Mukti Romadona Setianto while welcoming the Santa Angela team, which won the Grand Prix Champion title, at KBRI Tokyo.

CEO of ICOT, Ko Matsushita, commended the Indonesian choir teams for their exceptional performances in the competition. "The level of Indonesian choir teams is above average for international standards and consistently secures victories in each competition," stated Matsushita.

This year's TICC featured 69 choirs from 11 countries competing with great enthusiasm. Indonesia sent its six best choirs representing various regions in the country. The participating teams were Santa Angela Choir from Bandung, University of Padjadjaran Choir, SMAN 15 Surabaya Choir, El-Shaddai USU Choir, Dvya Vocal Ensemble Choir from Bandung, and Gema Sangkakala Children's Choir from Manado.

The Santa Angela Choir achieved remarkable success by winning Gold Prizes in the Children Choir (Under-18) category and the Folklore category (Second Place). They were also named the Category Winner of Children Choir (Under-18), awarded the Best Interpretation of Set Piece for "The Rainbow" by Nakanishi Akane, and ultimately crowned the Grand Prix Winner of the 5th Tokyo International Choir Competition.

The Unpad Choir earned Gold Prizes in the Contemporary Music category and was named the Category Winner in the same category. They also received the Best Interpretation of Contemporary Music Pieces Award.

The SMAN 15 Surabaya (Libels Voice) Choir secured a Gold Prize in the Contemporary Music category (Third Place) and another Gold Prize in the Folklore category (Third Place). They were also awarded for their outstanding interpretation of the Set Piece "The Dreams of the Dreamer" by David Walters.

The El-Shaddai USU Choir won a Silver Prize in the Contemporary Music category and a Gold Prize in the Mixed Choir category.

The Dvya Vocal Ensemble Choir received a Silver Prize in the Equal Voice category, and the Gema Sangkakala Children's Choir earned Gold Prizes in both the Children Choir (Under-18) category (Third Place) and the Folklore Music category.

To assist in the preparation of several teams, KBRI Tokyo provided training facilities at the School of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo. The TICC is part of the four competitions of the World Choral Championship (WCC), including events in Taipei, Rimini, and Krakow. The Grand Prix winners from each WCC competition will compete in the final battle for the title of WCC champion.

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