It saves your time as well as your budget!


First introduced in 1970 by a fashion lover and owner of the Wardrobe boutique in London's West End, Susie Faux, the capsule wardrobe teaches us to choose the fashion collections we use.

Not only helping to minimize the items we have, but the capsule wardrobe is also an environmentally friendly solution during fast fashion. Here are five tips that can be your reference.

Prioritizing the function of clothing

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Susie Falux, a fashion lover and owner of a boutique called wardrobe in London's West End, introduced capsule wardrobe in 1970. Capsule wardrobe focuses on promoting the function of fashion items themselves. She teaches us to be picky in collecting fashion items. This method has succeeded in making some people choose to use a capsule wardrobe in their collection.

Curation is a key

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Resisting the desire to buy various fashion items is a big challenge, especially for women. Choosing this method in your daily life means that you can only keep 35 to 37 basic clothing and accessories collections in your wardrobe. Everything basic, functional, and neutral in color, such as white, black, brown, gray, and cream, and curating clothes for various seasons must be included.

Save your time and budget!

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It gives you comfort and convenience in dressing. Capsule wardrobes are known to have several advantages, like saving your time, letting go of the attachment of some unnecessary items, and saving your fashion budget! 

Choose the best quality of its material

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It's about how we used our items for a long time, so choosing excellent materials is very important. This will allow your clothes to be more durable and last longer, even though they are often worn and washed repeatedly. Also, good quality clothes will make you feel more comfortable when wearing them all day. 

Tips for getting started 

Don’t buy anything new for the first few months

Take that time to clean out your current closet and note the pieces you cannot part with. This will help you understand your style better and help you in your quest for a better wardrobe.


Make it versatile
At the start of the next season, hone in on what items that seasonal closet could use. Think about things that pull your current items together and make your wardrobe more versatile.


Think about the sustainable fashion label
Shop quality, timeless, sustainably-made pieces as you add new items to your wardrobe. Buying quality clothing will save you money over time as you don’t have to replace your items as often (it’s also much better for the planet).

Each season, redo the exercise of going through that seasonal capsule wardrobe and adding/ replacing as needed. Hopefully, over just a couple of seasons, you’ll have a closet full of items you are obsessed with.



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