Inspired by Bali's traditional weaving, this collection features precious metals entwined around a flexible titanium core, resulting in textured jewelry chains.


In a significant transition under the guidance of new leaders, CEO Jan-Patrick Schmitz and Creative Chairman Reed Krakoff, John Hardy, the renowned jewelry brand, has unveiled its Fall/Holiday 2023 collection. This collection is a testament to the celebration of self-expression, a deep appreciation for Balinese artistry, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Let's explore the four distinctive collections that embody these ideals.

The collection includes 'Surf', 'Spear', 'Love Knot', and Men's.

The Surf collection draws its inspiration from John Hardy's signature woven chains, capturing the essence of ocean waves with boldness and sensuality. Sri Utami, Senior Public Relations Manager at John Hardy Bali, Indonesia, describes Surf as a transition from formal to casual, offering the versatility to go from an upscale event to a leisurely day at the beach. The pieces are uniquely designed to resemble the graceful ebb and flow of waves.

These exquisite pieces are crafted from 100% recycled silver and 14K gold, available in various sizes, from delicate and understated to striking and majestic, mirroring the depth and grandeur of the sea. Prices range from Rp7.6 million to Rp50 million.

Next is Spear - A Contemporary Twist on Tradition. This collection presents a fresh and modern take on John Hardy's classic style, characterized by delicacy, audacity, and organic aesthetics. Each piece is embellished with brilliant pave diamonds. Spear represents a bold departure from the iconic Classic Chain, combining tradition and innovation to create a distinctive and edgy style.

Inspired by Bali's traditional weaving, this collection features precious metals entwined around a flexible titanium core, resulting in textured jewelry chains. It's a celebration of the inner warrior within us all, striking a balance between strength and grace. Prices for bracelets and necklaces in the Spear collection range from Rp30 million to Rp194 million.

Continuing with the Love Knot Collection that Symbolizes Unbreakable Bonds. This special collection serves as a beautiful symbol of love and unwavering commitment, whether directed towards oneself or a loved one. This collection artfully intertwines two distinct John Hardy woven chains to form an elegant and graceful knot. The strength of this symbol is evident in various forms, including rings, earrings, adjustable woven bracelets, and exquisite necklaces.

What distinguishes this collection is the introduction of cords that blend woven chains with waxed cotton cords, available in black and marigold orange. The Love Knot collection makes for a thoughtful choice for holiday gifts, with prices ranging from Rp3.3 million to Rp66 million.

Last but not least, the Men's Collection presents us with Classic Elegance with a Modern Touch. For men, John Hardy has reimagined classic silhouettes to create a robust collection, featuring a natural-toned stone palette including black onyx, tiger eye, red carnelian, and mother of pearl. Rings within this collection bear symbols such as waves and Bali's iconic temple gateways (candi), offering a contemporary twist to classic style.

The Men's collection encompasses rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, with prices ranging from Rp10 million to Rp59 million.

With these four collections, John Hardy conveys a clear message: their unwavering commitment to authenticity and sustainability is at the core of their brand. Jan-Patrick Schmitz, CEO of John Hardy, reinforces this commitment, positioning the brand as one of the most ethically responsible luxury jewelry brands globally.

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