Diverse Communities Unite: A Vibrant Tapestry of Dance and Culture at Jakarta Dance Meet Up 2023


Dewan Kesenian Jakarta's (DKJ) Dance Committee once again presents the Jakarta Dance Meet Up (JDMU) 2023, providing a platform for dancers from different generations to express themselves through their artistic creations.

"JDMU is a part of education, a reciprocal transmission of movement. So, in fact, we, the committee, learn from our performers. This means we have a space to exchange ideas and concepts through our artworks," stated David Rafael Tandayu, a member of DKJ's Dance Committee, at the Teater Kecil Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta, on a Saturday afternoon.

Regularly held every year since 2017, DKJ's Dance Committee has been organizing the JDMU to embrace the diverse dance communities in Jakarta and to foster appreciation and education about the art of dance.

The hope is that these dance communities will evolve, grow, establish continuity, engage in dialogue, and contribute to discussions about the challenges and developments of dance art in the capital city of Jakarta.

For JDMU 2023, DKJ has collaborated with the dancer Wiwiek HW as the curator and has brought together five dance communities, each with their distinct styles.

"Dance is the art of body language, a form of communication. So, in JDMU, the dancers who come together are speaking through their artworks," explained Wiwiek, highlighting the significance of JDMU 2023.

The selected five communities to perform in JDMU 2023 are Ariah Indonesia Ngegebrak Community (KAIN), LASTEAM689, Maheswari Production Indonesia, Mawar Budaya (MB), and Seni Budaya Khatulistiwa (SBK).

Broadly, each of these communities presents dance themes that depict the complexities of life in Jakarta, a bustling urban area filled with hustle and bustle.

LASTEAM689, known for their street dance and hip-hop style, has prepared a performance titled "Terima dan Kasih" (Receive and Thank You) choreographed by Reboo Guluda and Pasifik, featuring young dancers who are also students.

Moving on, the Ariah Indonesia Ngegebrak Community (KAIN) collaboratively developed their choreography. To enhance their dance, they teamed up with collaborator choreographer Boby Ari Setiawan, presenting a piece titled "Basundara".

Mawar Budaya, a traditional dance studio established since May 23, 1990, in Jakarta, focuses on non-formal dance training and arts education. In this Jakarta Dance Meet Up, Mawar Budaya performs "Garanuhing", drawing inspiration from traditional dances of Central Kalimantan.

Maheswari Production Indonesia, an artistic foundation under the South Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department, merges Betawi culture with contemporary digital phenomena. Their performance "Samba Le Urban" showcases this innovative fusion.

Seni Budaya Khatulistiwa (SBK), established in 2007, focuses on developing Indonesian dance and music from the eastern region of NTT (East Nusa Tenggara). They present "Momang", a piece inspired by NTT culture, as their contribution to JDMU 2023.

The Jakarta Dance Meet Up 2023 is not only a platform for dance expression but also a crossroads where diverse cultural inspirations meld with modern creative concepts. This event is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of Jakarta's dance scene, bridging generations and styles to create a vibrant dance mosaic.

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