Bored Breakfast Club partners with Yes Plz coffee to establish the first NFT coffee subscription. Will others follow suit?


Bored Breakfast Club, an innovative NFT project building a digital community of coffee enthusiasts, has partnered with Yes Plz, a craft roasted coffee company. The collaboration aims to create the first blockchain-based coffee membership that ships free coffee worldwide for Bored Breakfast Club NFT holders.

Bored Breakfast Club is a collection of 5,000 NFT breakfast scenes living on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token. Each NFT is a unique, digital collectible that serves as a membership token, and these tokens unlock free shipments of freshly roasted coffee from Yes Plz on an ongoing basis. Bored Breakfast Club sold out all 5,000 NFT memberships shortly after release during its public sale on January 10.

"We're completely rethinking the way subscription models have traditionally operated by offering coffee lovers the opportunity to join in on a membership that provides real-world utility and access to a digital coffee community. This is one of the first projects in this space that provides both real-world and digital utility on a consistent basis," said Brad Klemmer, co-founder of Kley, the branding and digital design agency that founded Bored Breakfast Club.

"Our goal is to not only deliver a high quality, physical product worldwide, but also to continue adding value for our members in a variety of ways."

Members of the Bored Breakfast Club can claim one bag of coffee per NFT held during each release period, and each bag of coffee will be shipped worldwide for free to the member's address of choice. Each blend will arrive in an exclusive, limited-edition bag featuring licensed NFTs owned by current members of the community, including Bored Ape Yacht Club.

"This is a new take on how to do a coffee subscription, so we're excited about this partnership because it helps us accomplish our goal of delivering Yes Plz beans to more people around the world", said Sumi Ali, CEO and co-founder of Yes Plz.

The first roast begins shipping to holders on this Valentine's Day, and the second roast will start delivering in mid-March. All subsequent coffee shipments will be funded via the Community Coffee Wallet, a transparent community wallet that is funded by royalties from all secondary market sales of the NFTs.

"The community response thus far has been incredible, and it's been exciting to think about all the ways we can share more about how to successfully brew coffee at home with this new and growing audience."

More collaborations

Bored Breakfast Club is not the only project that combines both virtual and physical possession. Earlier this week, RTFKT teased the world with its MNLTH NFT, created for Nike. Some suggest that the company will likely have a physical release of some sort of goods along with their NFT.

In Indonesia, The Goods Dept's recent Goods People NFT are linked to some physical benefits that may be redeemed at the actual The Goods Dept store. Will The Goods Diner follow suit?

Or maybe, our new unicorn, Kopi Kenangan? Only time will tell.

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