Belassi’s newest jet ski is vying to redefine the personal watercraft category.


For fans of water sports activities or just for fun, having a jet ski can be the answer while traveling at sea. This private boat is like having a motorbike that can play in the waves in the ocean with a different experience than ordinary boats.

Recently, a jet ski manufacturer, Belassi, introduced their newest product called Burrasca. The name, which means storm in Italian, is described as a hyper craft with the power of a storm.

Made in Austria, this high-speed engine is shaped like an Italian sports motorcycle. This can be seen from the firm design, sharp corners, and aerodynamic accents made from carbon fiber like a supercar. Belassi reveals the sporty jet ski is made of 2,000 individual parts, including a race-grade composite hull with a unique pointed keel to help it penetrate the ocean with ease.

Belassi's Head of Design Johanne Scher revealed the new terminology Marine Hypercraft is suitable to describe this product. Burrasca has gone through rigorous tests and is made to the highest quality and performance standards. The inspiration was even taken from the McLaren F1, a supercar with high performance and is currently the standard for other supercars.


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Burrasca's sporty form does promise high speed. This jet ski uses a 1,602 cc three-cylinder turbocharged engine capable of producing power up to 320 HP. Belassi claims this jet ski can accelerate from rest to 100 km per hour in four seconds and can go up to a top speed of 119 km per hour. It sounds like experiencing a superbike on the sea.

Burrasca is designed to meet the desires of water sports fans. When this jet ski maneuvers on water, the Burrasca can generate 3g of gravity when turning, which means the jet ski rider must have a solid grip to avoid being thrown. This jet ski also has four exhaust channels that look intimidating.

Comes with such great ability and power, riders are lucky enough because the way to ride this jet ski is no different from other jet skis. However, it seems that riding a “storm” does require physical readiness and good health to avoid injury.


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The cockpit is modern by presenting two individual displays. One screen shows GPS and another screen for navigation, fuel consumption, and g-meters, like the meter cluster on a superbike.

Burrasca can also be customized according to the wishes of the owner, especially in color choices. The Austrian manufacturer said it took about 100 hours to make the jet ski, which won the Red Dot Design Award.

So how much money should be prepared to bring this super jet ski home? Burrasca sold for around $59,300 or around Rp860 million. This jet ski is already available for the European and Asian markets.


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