Which one has the best attire?


Though the Olympics is not a necessarily fashion event, their sports attire has gained some attention. 

Because, some luxury designer houses decided to design the athletes attire outside the field. So here are the lists.

United States of America: Ralph Lauren, Nike, SKIMS

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia 


Ralph Lauren has actually designed the American athletes for over a decade. They designed Team USA’s attire for the fashion ceremony. In addition to that, the label has also created village wear and protective face masks made from locally grown cotton. 

Not only that, Nike has created some cool designs for the team. They also collaborated with Kim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS for their loungewear. 

Italy: Emporio Armani

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia 


Emporio Armani is actually in charge of Italy’s attire. Along with the opening ceremony uniforms, the Armani-branded tracksuits have been created specifically for the medal awards ceremony. The wardrobe is completed with bags, backpacks, hats, and sneakers featuring visual details in tribute to Japan. As part of Emporio Armani’s EA7 collection, they were first unveiled at the Spring Summer 2020 fashion show in Milan.


Canada: Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s 

 Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia


Hudson’s Bay, the official outfitter since 2006, collaborated with Levi’s to give Team Canada the iconic closing ceremony trucker jackets. Inspired by graffiti and streetwear, this double-denim fashion pays tribute to Tokyo uniquely and artistically. Together with Levi’s white jeans, the complete look is a strong nod to the classic Canadian tuxedo and, not to mention, unapologetically Canadian.

France: Lacoste, LeCoq Sportif, Nike and Piet Parra

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia 


France has been known as the house of the world’s fashion. So for this Olympics, they were supplied by Lacoste, LeCoq Sportif, Nike, and Piet Parra

Nike collaborated with Dutch artist Piet Parra and created competition uniforms for the skateboarding team. The tricolour palette is visible throughout the clothing, and it’s a modern twist of inspiration from the traditional tennis polo.

Great Britain: Ben Sherman and Adidas

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia


This time around, the Brits has Ben Sherman and Adidas collaboration

The designs are the modern version of what the athletes wore at the Tokyo Olympics back in 1964. In addition to that they also has Stella McCartney. Furthermore, this marks the second comeback of Adidas’s collaborator Stella McCartney in creating uniforms for the Great Britain Team. The collection is inclusive of athletic wear for a wide array of sports such as gymnastics, track and field, skateboarding, and sport climbing.

Australia: Asics

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia 


While Aussie fashion is normally about resort wear and casual pieces, the country has delivered one of the best kits for Tokyo 2020 by Asics. Designed to express the power and pride of Team Australia, the iconic green and gold colour schemes with Japanese origami-inspired visual details are highlighted throughout. Taking Tokyo’s heat and humidity into account, the technical mesh and fabrics are strategically placed for a cooling sensation too.


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