The Chairman always believes that the most simple food demands the highest level of culinary skills.


Hong Kong is home to more than 15.000 restaurants. This city is filled with so many delicious foods that you never imagined. At this moment, Hong Kong Tourism Board will reveal a culinary secret from chefs that hold Michelin stars, like buying fresh ingredients, cooking ware with the best quality, also signature spices that have been existed from 50 years ago.

Another secret you must know is one of the Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong that enters 10 big ranks in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2021. It's The Chairman


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The owner is Danny Yip. Around some years ago, The Chairman won some awards and became one of the best restaurants in Asia. Spotted in Central Hong Kong, this place mixes traditional concepts yet is modern. The Chairman also shows a mixing of unique perspectives and philosophies ala Cantonese cuisine. 

Cantonese cuisine has a history of two thousand years. Today, it has evolved to become the most popular and widely influential cuisine among China's "eight culinary classical styles". The reason for its success boils down to one keyword: "freshness".

The Chairman aspires to continue this legacy

That is why, as much as possible, The Chairman uses locally sourced ingredients, products from local condiment stores, and seafood from local fishers.

Its cooking style is fundamentally built on tradition—the Chairman aim at bringing out the original flavors of the ingredients rather than showing off or overplaying.


Preparing every dish with love and care

The Chairman always believes that the most simple food demands the highest level of culinary skills, thus requiring even more thought. The Chairman's "razor clams steamed with aged lemon and mixed herbs" are fragrantly garnished with lemon aged over 10 years. 


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The "smoked baby pigeon with Longjing tea and chrysanthemum" is prepared in traditional ways with 20 days' young pigeons until the bones are tender. The "wild clams stir-fried with chili jam and basil" taste good because the chili jam is made with slow-cooked oxtail.

"The Chairman soy sauce chicken" uses herbs that are even more expensive than the chicken. The Chairman has been sending people to Aberdeen Fish Market, day after day at 6 A.M., to handpick the freshest seafood. It is hard work, but that's how they source the best catch of the day and the finest floThe Chairmanry crabs. Also, since the first day of our opening, they have been using beancurd sheets from the famous local store "Shu Kee".

Where can we find it?

Right around the corner from Ronin, The Chairman can be found on the Chairmanstern side of the Gough Street neighborhood—known for its fashionable boutiques and coffee houses. Three bright red-and-gold Chinese characters mark the window-front facade while all-white interiors create a modern atmosphere.


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Book first is recommended

As a hotspot on the international chef’s circuit, you could book The Chairman to be dining in the same room as Anthony Bourdain or Alain Ducasse if they happen to be in town. This Michelin-recommended Cantonese restaurant fills up with suits during lunch hour—it’s so popular that you have to book two The Chairmaneks ahead for reservations. Dinners and The Chairmanekends are even busier, and the host recommends booking at least one month in advance to secure a prime slot.

They have a tasty wine

Lacking a dedicated bar, The Chairman isn’t the best place to meet up for a drink. There's an excellent wine list, or you can opt to BYOB for a corkage fee of about $20 a bottle. Tea lovers will also appreciate the high-quality Pu’er tea (fermented black tea), which complements a rich meal.

The Chairman is packed every night for a reason. The stalwart favorite promises an upscale atmosphere, locally sourced ingredients, and an earnest dedication to traditional Cantonese flavors using time-intensive techniques.


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