Art Jakarta Gardens at Hutan Kota by Plataran closed its second edition with over 10,800 visitors over six days, showing strong support for outdoor art exhibitions.


The Fair saw greater sales, a satisfying result for the 22 participating exhibitors considering the global economic forecasts. Overall collectors and art lovers remain passionate and supportive, showing generous appreciation for the tremendously creative talents behind the mixture of artworks exhibited, including NFT works.

This edition especially sees the more distinct role of new-generation collectors and first- time buyers, which shows that, among Indonesian art collectors, a continuous cycle of generations to support the art scene is to be expected.

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In addition, the Fair was a momentum for potential new parties interested to engage with art in the future to approach and learn more about art. All of these have encouraged the Fair to project a positive outlook for the upcoming flagship edition at the Jakarta Convention Center on 25–27 August 2023. The Sculpture Garden has been a success as one of the highlights of the Fair with iconic outdoor sculptures, among others by Adi Gunawan, Anggar Prasetyo, Darbotz, Entang Wiharso, Fandi Angga Saputra, and Laksamana Ryo.

The robust plinths provided by TACO, made from quality PVC and HPL, designed and constructed by this/PLAY, have been proven to withstand all forms of weather—TACO and this/PLAY also collaborated to produce the fetching Art Jakarta Gardens VIP cards.

The confident support of Lead Partners, Credit Suisse and Bibit, and Venue Partner, Hutan Kota by Plataran, allowed for the smooth and professional operation of the Fair, while Artotel Group’s support provided comfort and excellent services for the Fair’s guests during the event. With social distancing restrictions gone, the Fair has also seen more pronounced and creative campaigns by its Partners. Presenting FX Haryono with his installation, The Light of Journey, Bibit added to the merriment of the Fair through its daily programme to engage visitors by giving away fortune cookies.

Casion, a charging and switching network for electric vehicles, decked the entrance section of the Fair with visually attractive charging stations thanks to its collaboration with four artists: Naufal Abshar, Karafuru, Tutugraff, and Rizal Hasan. Meanwhile, Digital Nativ, supported by iForte, gave off a distinct vibe, especially at night, with their fascinatingly lucent installation, Aquifer, which raised the issue of underground water in the city.

From the NFT scene, Gaspack collaborated with the artist Abenk Alter to showcase NFT creativity by allowing collectors to mint his artwork for free. Meanwhile, LUAR, a specialist in outdoor furniture, enhanced the Gardens experience by providing attractive sitting furnishings for a refreshing break after strolls. The Fair’s Programme highlighted collaborations with creative talents of the wider creative industry, demonstrating how music, workshops, and performance art not only complement an art fair but also elevate it.

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Sofar Sounds Jakarta brought a line-up of soulful musicians: AneeSa, Meda Kawu, DUARA, Mariani Oelong, Yuyun Arfah, and Sri Panggung, with the support of the Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation. At Eco Deck, Hutan Kota by Plataran, on 8 and 9 February 2023, Sofar Sounds Jakarta also held workshop classes on music, presented by the excellent coaches Meda Kawu, Vera Syl, and Yuyu Koswara. On 11 and 12 February 2023, the multifaceted artist Monica Hapsari created stirs among visitors with surprise performances at several spots of Hutan Kota together with Kurt Peterson, Dimas E. Prasinggih, Ishvara Devati, Orcyworld (Gilang Anom Manapu Manik), Aldo Ahmad, Jason Noghani, and Logic Lost (Dylan Amirio).

Through their performances of reading a story to the audience, sitting bound in the middle of a pool with melted candles on the head, painting characters with a giant brush, and exploring sounds with both electronic and traditional instruments, these artists from the performance art and experimental sound network invited visitors to delve into senses and sensitivities. During the same weekend, Kandura, the Bandung-based studio, held children and family workshops presented by Of Animo to provide an opportunity for art lovers to be creative with ceramic works.

Of Animo also kept Hutan Kota’s restrooms fragrant during the Fair. In addition to the private sector, the government’s support was significant as well. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy provided videotron broadcasts and brought in the TRUST Orchestra, whose world-class performance elevated the opening ceremony of Art Jakarta Gardens.

The support of Official Media Partners, under MRA Media, along with all Media Partners, has amplified the Art Jakarta Gardens experience to the broader public. Based on this outcome, Art Jakarta Gardens is confident to return with its third edition next year and hopes to support the Indonesian art scene in the best possible ways.

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