Discovering Fashion's Green Side: Navigate the Best Thrift Spots in Jakarta for Affordable and Eco-Friendly Styles


In a world increasingly focused on sustainable living, thrifting has become more than just a trend; it's a way of life for many, especially the younger generation. In Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, thrifting has gained significant popularity, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle while embracing the ethos of the zero-waste movement.

Pasar Senen: A Haven for Thrift Enthusiasts

Pasar Senen, located in Central Jakarta, stands out as a hub for thrift lovers. The market is a treasure trove of second-hand shops offering a diverse array of clothing, ranging from t-shirts and trousers to jackets, hats, bags, and even imported shoes. For those seeking a chance encounter with affordable branded goods, Pasar Senen is the place to be, especially around 08:00 WIB when the market is less crowded, and fresh items are on display.

Pasar Baru: Jakarta's Oldest Thrift Market

Pasar Baru, Jakarta's oldest market, is another hotspot for thrifting enthusiasts. The market boasts numerous second-hand shops with a variety of items. From glasses and accessories to lenses, cameras, and used clothes on the upper floors, Pasar Baru offers a unique shopping experience. Branded shirts can be found at reasonable prices, starting from Rp15,000.

Pasar Kebayoran: Quality Thrift Finds under the Flyover

Under the flyover in the Kebayoran Lama area lies Pasar Kebayoran, selling an extensive range of used goods. This market is known for its better-quality items, including shoes, bags, watches, electronics, clothes, kitchen utensils, audio cassettes, cameras, and antiques. Buyers must exercise caution and discernment, distinguishing between genuine and replica goods while enjoying the reasonable prices.

Taman Puring: A Haven for Shoe Enthusiasts

Shoe lovers rejoice at Taman Puring, a market that has been a staple since the 1960s. Renowned for its vast selection of shoes at competitive and negotiable prices, Taman Puring caters to all tastes and preferences. From school shoes to hiking boots, buyers can find quality footwear, including women's flats, wedges, and heels, at prices ranging from Rp50,000 for locally made to original quality pairs.

Jembatan Item: A Paradise for Second-Hand Finds

Located in Rawa Bunga, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, Jembatan Item or the Jatinegara flea market spans a two-kilometer stretch offering various second-hand goods. From shoes and bags to watches, clothes, kitchen utensils, electronics, and even antiques, the market caters to a diverse range of preferences. Despite being a used goods market, Jembatan Item maintains a reputation for good-quality items, attracting both young thrifting enthusiasts and antique collectors alike.

As thrifting continues to gain momentum in Indonesia, these markets stand as vibrant hubs, offering not just affordable and sustainable shopping options but also contributing to a cultural shift towards conscious consumerism.

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