Savoring Fuji Soba's delights on a budget: Affordable gastronomic gems under 1000 Yen


In the vibrant world of ubiquitous soba chains, SoraNews24's intrepid team embarks on a culinary journey, uncovering the hidden treasures of Fuji Soba. Renowned for its soba (buckwheat) noodles, Fuji Soba proves to be a haven for unexpected and delightful culinary creations. Join us as we unveil the self-grandiose sets and culinary revelations crafted by SoraNews24's team of epicurean adventurers.

1. Go Hatori’s “I Want It All Three-in-One Set Where You Can Enjoy the Top Two Seiro Styles at Once”

Go Hatori, the linguistic and numerical maestro, concocts a feast for the senses with his "Three-in-One Set." Combining kamo seiro soba with shungiku and squid tempura, topped off with a soft-boiled egg, Go achieves a harmonious blend of flavors that is both sophisticated and affordable.

● Kamo seiro soba (580 yen)
● Shungiku tempura (170 yen)
● Squid tempura (160 yen)
● Soft-boiled egg (80 yen)
Total: 990 yen

2. Seiji Nakazawa’s “Manly Fried Chicken and Curry Rice Set”

Seiji Nakazawa ardently advises that the Curry Rice Set is the key to unlocking the best value at Fuji Soba. Paired with a side of "Ore no Karaage" (My Fried Chicken), this set delivers a protein-packed, satisfying meal that goes beyond the traditional soba fixation.

● Curry Rice Set (740 yen)
● Ore no Karaage (220 yen)
Total: 960 yen

3. Takashi Harada’s “Pork Cutlet Bowl Restaurant Fuji Soba Set”

For Takashi Harada, Fuji Soba is synonymous with katsudon. His Katsudon Set, complete with hot or chilled soba and a side of spinach ohitashi, reflects his belief that Fuji Soba is, first and foremost, a katsudon haven.

● Katsudon Set (870 yen)
● Spinach ohitashi (120 yen)
Total: 990 yen

4. Yuichiro Wasai’s “Almost All Toppings Warming You Up From the Inside Set”

Yuichiro Wasai ventures into the unknown with the Akafuji Soba, Fuji Soba's original take on soba noodles. Paired with inari sushi and kakiage, this set proves that relinquishing control to Fuji Soba's expertise is a flavorful decision.

● Akafuji Soba (680 yen)
● Inari sushi (160 yen)
● Kakiage (150 yen)
Total: 990 yen

5. P.K. Sanjun’s “Pickled Ginger Tempura Set That I Could Keep Eating Forever”

P.K. Sanjun's unconventional delight lies in the pickled ginger tempura. With a Pork Liver Bowl Set and extra green onion, this unique combination ensures a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed endlessly.

● Pork Liver Bowl Set (790 yen)
● Pickled ginger tempura (150 yen)
● Extra green onion (50 yen)
Total: 990 yen

6. Mariko Ohanabatake’s “Rare Rangiri-Up Soba Set That’s Halfway Between Health and Junk Food”

Mariko Ohanabatake opts for the Ueno Shinobazu branch's recommendation – the Spicy Tanuki Meat Soba with rangiri noodles. Paired with spinach ohitashi and a potato croquette, this set strikes a balance between health-conscious choices and guilty pleasures.

● Spicy Tanuki Meat Soba (Rangiri Noodles) (510 yen)
● Spinach ohitashi (120 yen)
● Potato croquette (150 yen)
Total: 770 yen

7. Ahiruneko’s “Patlabor Scene Recreation Set”

Ahiruneko takes a nostalgic trip with the Patlabor Scene Recreation Set, aiming to replicate Asuma Shinohara's iconic meal from the original Mobile Police Patlabor anime OVA series. Despite the absence of inari sushi, Ahiruneko makes up for it with a refreshing beer.

● Potato croquette soba (540 yen)
● Raw egg (80 yen)
● Sapporo White Belg Beer (330 yen)
Total: 950 yen

8. Mr. Sato’s “I Wanted to Eat Pork Cutlet so Badly that I Wasted 100 Yen Set”

Mr. Sato, driven by an insatiable katsudon craving, orders a customized combination, unwittingly spending 100 yen more than necessary. Despite the oversight, the satisfaction of a full-size rice bowl and delightful flavors leaves him with no regrets.

● Katsudon (580 yen)
● Kake soba (390 yen)
Total: 970 yen

9. Masanuki Sunakoma’s “Big Ramen, No Regrets Set”

Masanuki Sunakoma takes a detour with the Miso ramen and curry rice set, showcasing Fuji Soba's lesser-known ramen offerings. The unexpected fusion of flavors proves to be a delightful surprise.

● Miso ramen and curry rice set (780 yen)
● Large-size upsize (140 yen)
Total: 920 yen

10. Yoshio’s “In My Life, I’ll Never Cheat on You Set”

Yoshio, a loyal patron since middle school, sticks to his favorite – the Hiyashi Tokusen Fuji Soba. A comforting bowl of chilled soba, paired with spinach and a Sapporo White Belg Beer, reflects a nostalgic yet timeless choice.

● Hiyashi Tokusen Fuji Soba (540 yen)
● Spinach (120 yen)
● Sapporo White Belg Beer (330 yen)
Total: 990 yen

Fuji Soba's diverse and affordable menu, coupled with the option for 24-hour dining, positions it as a haven for culinary exploration. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these curated sets offer a taste of the unexpected, inviting diners to step beyond the boundaries of traditional soba fare.
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