My Salah Mat Makes Faith Education Fun and Easy


In an exciting development for both the Islamic community and the educational technology sector, My Salah Mat, a company with a global reach of over half a billion people and more than 2 million social media followers, is set to launch its innovative interactive prayer mat in the vibrant city of New York this fall. The grand unveiling of this groundbreaking product will take place at the esteemed New York Toy Fair 2023, where the company will also showcase a range of educational smart technology designed to revolutionize the way children engage with their faith.

This momentous launch coincides with a recent decision by Mayor Eric Adams to allow Muslims across the city to broadcast the call to prayer without the need for a permit. This move has been hailed as a significant step towards equality for Muslims in New York City.

Kamal Ali, the visionary inventor behind My Salah Mat, expressed his excitement about this remarkable opportunity: "New York is leading the way in equality for Muslims. This is a massive step, and I'm truly taken aback by this monumental decision. I'm excited to showcase our interactive prayer mat in New York City for the first time, which includes the call to prayer within its design."

A Technological Revolution: My Salah Mat

My Salah Mat is an ingenious creation designed to help children learn Salah, the Islamic prayer, in a fun and enjoyable way. It boasts a range of remarkable features, including:

  • Fully Interactive: Equipped with 25 touch-sensitive keys, the mat engages users in an interactive prayer experience.
  • Pre-recorded Call to Prayer: My Salah Mat includes a pre-recorded call to prayer, making it a comprehensive learning tool.
  • Light Guidance Technology: The prayer mat incorporates cutting-edge light guidance technology, leading users through the prayer process step by step.
  • Covers All 5 Daily Prayers: My Salah Mat provides guidance on all five daily prayers, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

This innovative product not only teaches children the positions and movements of Salah but also guides them on what to say during each step. The mat's advanced technology recognizes the user's position, ensuring that the prayer will not commence until the user is in the correct position, immersing them in the prayer process.

From Struggle to Invention: A Personal Journey

The inspiration for My Salah Mat came to Kamal Ali when he observed his own son, at the tender age of four, struggling to perform Sujood, the prostration position of Muslim prayer. Despite his son's eagerness to pray, the physical demands of the position proved challenging.

Ali embarked on an 18-month journey from this moment of inspiration to the creation of My Salah Mat, driven by the need to make the learning process easier for young Muslims. His innovation has now become a vital tool for children and parents alike, simplifying the intricate aspects of Islamic prayer.

Supporting Converts to the Faith

With Islam being the fastest-growing religion globally, and a significant number of Americans converting to the faith annually, My Salah Mat is a timely solution. The interactive prayer mat is not only designed for children but also for adults who are new to the faith. Its light guidance and touch-sensitive technology enable users to complete the prayer with confidence, even if they have no prior knowledge.

This integration of technology into the learning process of prayer marks a groundbreaking shift for Muslims, who have been learning to pray for over 1400 years. My Salah Mat empowers new converts, providing them with the means to learn and practice their faith from the moment they embrace Islam.

Physical Learning Over Apps

Prior to the advent of the interactive prayer mat, numerous apps were available to assist new Muslims in learning how to pray. However, these apps lacked the immersive experience and step-by-step physical guidance provided by My Salah Mat. The mat caters to various learning styles, including kinesthetic, tactile, auditory, and visual, making it a comprehensive educational tool.

My Salah Mat at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair

The My Salah Mat team will proudly present their range of educational inventions at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair in New York City. Visitors can find them at Stand 5677, where they will be available each day to demonstrate their innovative educational products.

About My Salah Mat

Founded in 2018 by inventor Kamal Ali, My Salah Mat introduced the world's first interactive prayer mat for children. After achieving global success, the company expanded its offerings to include educational products, eventually releasing a version tailored for adults. My Salah Mat is at the forefront of revolutionizing faith education through technology, making learning about Islam engaging and accessible for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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