Salad is one of the best getaways from a regular fatty and full of carbs diet many modern people have. Take a look at the five salads below to include in your diet to be healthier.


With the oversaturation of fat and carbs in our diet, it is time to go back to much healthier options like salads. Nothing is healthier than proteins paired with veggies, fruits, or whatever you choose to get the nutrients you need in a day.

Salads come in many types with various ingredients, dressings, sauces, and more. Take a look at these three salads that you can try.

1. Greek Salad
Just like its name, Greek salad came from Greece where it is called Horiatiki, which means salad for peasants. Salad is commonly consumed by Greek farmers during their work breaks in the field. 

Greek Salad's main ingredients are tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and Kalamata olives with slices of feta cheese on top. They are dressed with salt, pepper, Greek oregano, and olive oil. Some would add in slices of green bell pepper or caper berries. Greek salad does not contain lettuce at all.

2. Niçoise Salad
Niçoise Salad came from Nice, France, and went popular in the early 20th century. The salad consists of Tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, anchovies, cucumber, olive oil, and tuna for those who like it. If you make one yourself, cut out the seeds in cucumbers to make the bowl less watery.

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3. Caesar Salad
No, Caesar's Salad was not invented by an ancient Roman leader. It was invented by an Italian immigrant who worked as a chef in Mexico and the U.S. His name is Caesar Cardini, the real reason for the salad's name. He invented it on the U.S. independent day of the fourth of July in 1924.

The main ingredients in Caesar salad are romaine lettuce, croutons, egg, and anchovies. They are seasoned with garlic, dijon mustard, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and are topped with parmesan cheese, and black pepper. People sometimes add in chicken as proteins.

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4. Caprese Salad
Salad Caprese is an Italian salad from the Isle of Capri. It was conceived in the 1950s as an antipasto. The salad is famous for its color of red, white, and green just like the Italian flag. That is why it has another name, Insalata Tricolore.

Caprese salad is comprised of a circular stack of sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. These main ingredients are then seasoned with olive oil and salt.

5. Tabbouleh
Tabbouleh came from an area in the Eastern Mediterranean of Western Asia, traditionally served within a mezze. The salad consists of chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion, and soaked bulgur. Semolina is sometimes used instead of bulgur.

The salad is dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and sweet pepper. Some would add lettuce to Tabbouleh, too.

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