Sociolla created the Waste Down Beauty Up campaign for beauty enthusiasts to encourage responsible beauty products purchases and reduce more waste.


Sociolla's "Waste Down Beauty Up", or the WDBU campaign, was recently launched to contribute to the attempt to reduce waste within the beauty industry.

The company is encouraging people to be more responsible in buying beauty products. One of the solutions they apply is to use zero bubble wrap in their packaging to reduce the usage of 250 thousand cubic meters of bubble wrap each year.

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Four initiatives of the "Waste Down Beauty Up" campaign

- Look for trusted reviews
An integrated beauty and personal care reviews app like SOCO provides more than 90.000 products and over 2.5 million reviews for Indonesian to have. Looking for trusted reviews will help buyers decide the correct products which suit their needs.

- Try tester in Sociolla stores before buying
The impulsive buying of customers affected by beauty influencers around the internet caused more risks of waste due to products mismatch on customers' preferences. Tester in Sociolla stores has helped customers decide their skin types and tones needs before purchasing.

- Buy minis/small size before full size
Small sizes of products will allow buyers to try out the products' suitability to their skins.

- Gift with less waste
Sociolla also equipped beauty enthusiasts with e-gift to encourage people to avoid giving out useless items as gifts in reducing waste.

Co-Founder and CMO of Sociolla Bella Christanti Indiana explained further about the campaign during the company's virtual "Waste Down Beauty Up" press conference on January 13, 2022.

"This is a very big and challenging step for us to take [The WDBU]. This program is in line with Sociolla's long-term mission and our primary reason of establishment on helping people find the best products that suit their needs, without having to buy too much and end up with a lot of unused products," she said.

Here we listed more tips to stimulate daily sustainable beauty values among beauty enthusiasts.



Buy needed products only.
Select the products you want to buy thoroughly. Ask a few of these questions before buying:

  • Do I need this, or do I merely want this?
  • Do I own a similar item?
  • Will this product fit my skin essentials?

The following questions will help you choose the products that fit your necessities and avoid more waste of unutilized products.



Separate your beauty products' waste.
Separating the beauty products waste will remind you of how many items you have bought and used in a specific time span to push more responsibility in your further purchasing plans.

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