SiCepat Ekspres and Banksasuci Foundation launched a collaboration to preserve the environment through the 2040 Garbage Free Cisadane Program.


To commemorate the National Waste Awareness Day (Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional, HPSN) 2022, SiCepat Ekspres and Banksasuci Foundation launched a collaboration to preserve the environment through the 2040 Garbage Free Cisadane Program.

Through this program, SiCepat Ekspres provides assistance in the form of 100 meters of the Cisadane River WasteTrap at Banksasuci Cihuni, Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency. This waste trap installation is needed to filter waste in the river.

The Kim Hai, Chief Executive Officer of SiCepat Ekspres said that the assistance was part of SiCepat Ekspres's commitment to supporting environmental conservation in a sustainable manner.

"Through this activity, SiCepat Ekspres is committed to continuing to be involved in environmental conservation efforts, especially in the Cisadane River Basin. The cleaning of the Cisadane River certainly aims to reduce the volume of waste in the river that has the potential to cause flooding," he said in his official statement.

The Kim Hai also added that the importance of preserving the environment starts from the behavior and habits of the community. SiCepat Ekspres also hopes that the community will be more vigilant and disciplined to be able to maintain the cleanliness of the river for mutual safety and comfort.

"Thus, our environment becomes cleaner, healthier, and safer from floods," he said.

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A collaborative program

In addition, SiCepat Ekspres together with the Banksasuci Foundation also carried out an activity to clean up garbage in the Cisadane River in Cihuni Village for 5 km using a rubber boat owned by SiCepat Ekspres.

Ade Yunus, the Chairman of the Banksasuci Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the support of SiCepat Ekspres in the success of the 2022 Garbage Free Cisadane program.

He hopes that this activity will be the first step and a form of synergy, collaboration, and continuous action of the SiCepat Ekspres collaboration with Banksasuci to make the 2022 Cisadane Free of Waste goal successful.

"For that, we thank you for the support from SiCepat Ekspres, hopefully, it will continue to provide benefits for the environment," said Ade.

The Tangerang Regency Government through the Environmental and Hygiene Service also conveyed the same thing, which is to appreciate the 2022 Cisadane Free Waste activities and programs initiated by Banksasuci and SiCepat Ekspres.

"On behalf of the Tangerang Regency Government, we thank you for the support of SiCepat Ekspres and Banksasuci in helping realize the Tangerang Regency KIPRAH Program through the 2040 Garbage Free Cisadane," said Secretary of the Tangerang Regency LHK Service, Budi Khumaedi.

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