The move of Cristiano Ronaldo changes the map of the European striker as well as the condition of the United squad.


With the transfer market nearing its end, Manchester United has captured the attention of all football fans around the world. The Premier League club got the signature of Cristiano Ronaldo at a reasonably low price from Juventus.

Through announcements on social media, Instagram, and official Twitter, Manchester United gave fresh air to its fans with the arrival of Ronaldo. Currently, both parties are just waiting to complete the formal, personal, and medical documents to become a United player again legally.

But thanks to the announcement, United's social media got a new record. The upload of Ronaldo's arrival statement became the post that received the most likes from sports team accounts on Instagram. At the time this article was written, the post had already reached 12.9 million likes.

In addition, Twitter and United's official website had a "crash" due to the excitement of the news of Ronaldo's arrival. Something that indicates Ronaldo is still awaited by United fans and even Premier League fans.


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Why did Ronaldo move?

Farewell to the Serie A giants Juventus actually smelled some time ago. Juventus and Ronaldo have contracts until 2022 or one year remaining.

But Ronaldo is looking for a new challenge, or rather an investment from his transfer in the transfer market. After Lionel Messi's move from Barcelona to PSG, it seems the world paid attention to the superstar and forgot about him.

But a week before his move to United, Ronaldo was still posting on his Instagram for people to appreciate his current situation at Juventus. The post was probably in response to the news that Real Madrid was reluctant to bring him back to La Liga.

For Juventus itself, the departure of the superstar can be a benefit in itself because the Italian club was never able to take full advantage of Ronaldo's presence. Jose Mourinho once said Juventus was buying a nuclear bomb but had no idea how to use it.

A few days later, Manchester City appeared, reportedly ready to accommodate the megastar to compete in the Premier League. Unfortunately, this news proved to be untrue because the City never made an official offer.

United then came up with a more serious offer for Ronaldo. This included communication with Sir Alex Ferguson, who called Ronaldo directly to convince him to return to Old Trafford. In addition, several of Ronaldo's colleagues, both in the national team and in previous teams, convinced him to return to United. The announcement came, and all the United fans cheered.

But is the decision to bring Ronaldo right? At 36 years old, Ronaldo is still a scary goal machine for opponents. Real Madrid enjoyed its golden times by changing it from a left-winger to a left-sided striker.

But at United, this position is already occupied by big names like Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial. This will put them in danger of not being played much.

Ronaldo's arrival could also make a difference to United's strategy. If the pattern of fast attacks in the opponent's area all this time, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could change the attack side towards Ronaldo.

This job will make it easier for Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba, who suddenly have the world's greatest scoring players. Their assist numbers will go up fast, although his goals will be reduced as Ronaldo will replace him to take free kicks and penalties for Fernandes.

United's pressing game will also change. Ronaldo rarely puts pressure on opposing players, and changing that in his current career seems very difficult. The question is whether Ronaldo can still score despite the game-changing in the Premier League? Ronaldo should be able to prove he is still scary.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has actually leaked Ronaldo's role in the United team. Solskjaer sees Ronaldo as a center-forward, which could be exploited with the Norwegian coach's favorite 4-2-3-1 formation.


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Looking at the current composition of United's players, it can be made as follows; the goalkeeper position will be left to David de Gea. The four defenders are aligned with Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Raphael Varane, Harry Maguire, and Luke Shaw.

The midfield position is definitely Paul Pogba and Fred. Jadon Sancho became the right-winger and Marcus Rashford on the other side. Bruno Fernandes can fill the second striker, and the sole striker will be given to Ronaldo.

The composition above can still change, seeing the quality of the tier players at United. There's Mason Greenwood shining and a few other players.

Ronaldo's move to United will undoubtedly have an impact on the striker's transfer next season. If Real Madrid can't get Kylian Mbappe this year, Mbappe will become a free agent next year. Haaland at Dortmund is also looking for his next move after the German club. Harry Kane, who is said to be moving to Manchester City this season, stays at Tottenham Hotspur and will undoubtedly try to transfer next season.

Ronaldo's arrival at United opens up opportunities for these strikers to move next year. United's position is actually better than the clubs above with the presence of Ronaldo. It remains only to solidify the following trophy plan after failing to win the European league championship last season.


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