Thailand strikes gold with its horror movies yet again. Check out some of its best.


Thailand is famous for its horror movies. You can expect ghosts, cannibalism, gore, and great cinematography from Thai horror movies. But even though most of them are great, some stood out to be the best. These five movies will guarantee to spook you.

Nang Nak (1999)
"Nang Nak" is an adaptation of the Thai legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong. The story depicts a husband who fought in a war between 1831-1834. He survives and returns to his wife and child. But something feels different about his wife... How can her arm extend so far?

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4bia (2008)
"4bia" is an anthology of four stories stitched into a four-hour-long horror movie. The first segment, titled "Loneliness", follows a lonely girl who finds out something odd from the stranger she has been texting. Then there's "Deadly Charm", a story of how things go wrong for a group of bullies, followed by "The Man in the Middle", a camping trip turned fatal after a kayaking accident. The last segment tells the story of a flight attendant of "Flight 244", who has to stay with a corpse alone in the plane for the duration of the flight.

Shutter (2004)
"Shutter" is a story where hit and run turned supernatural. A couple runs over a woman with a car and left without helping her. After the accident, one of them noticed something strange from his photography work. Who are the faces in the photograph? Is it the woman from the accident, or is it someone else?
If you like the "Final Destination" franchise, you will like this movie. The movie is so successful it even has an English remake.

Sick Nurses (2007)
"Sick Nurses" tells the story of organ harvesters who gets their comeuppance. A doctor and seven nurses were involved in black market sales of human organs. They were found dead seven days after they murdered an about-to-be whistleblower. The plot reveals the characters' relationships and how they died.

The Medium (2021)
"The Medium" is a supernatural horror mockumentary. The film tells the story of a woman named Noi from a small village in Thailand. Her family has been the spirit medium of a benevolent local deity called Bayan, but Noi refuses to believe in shamanism and converts to Christianity. Her sister Nim chooses to host Bayan in Noi's stead and goes on with her life. But something goes wrong, and now people say a terrible spirit resides in Nim's body.

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