Renowned Designer and Artist Showcases Culinary Masterpieces Through Innovative Technique


London-based designer and embroidery artist, Youmeng Liu, is making waves in the art world with her unique approach to embroidery, particularly in her latest project involving the creation of 301 embroidered artworks featuring common edible food items.

Having graduated from the London College of Fashion with a Master's degree in Fashion Artifact, Youmeng's talent was quickly recognized. She emerged as a finalist for the International Talent Support (ITS), earning her an invitation to showcase her work in Italy. Additionally, she achieved finalist status at the esteemed Hand & Lock Embroidery prize in 2019.

What sets Youmeng's work apart is her groundbreaking 3D punch needle embroidery technique, combining the finesse of hand embroidery, scissors sculpting, and an artistic eye. This innovative approach results in a strikingly realistic portrayal of various food items.

With a vision to explore the relationship with food, Youmeng aims to create art that people can connect with on a daily basis. Each of her pieces reflects the unique character and emotions associated with different foods. From the serene baby broccoli to the warm and energetic fried egg, Youmeng's goal is to evoke these feelings in her audiences through her meticulous craftsmanship.

Youmeng's journey into embroidery began as a hobby a decade ago. During a trip to Dali, a Bai minority region in China, she encountered locals practicing punch needle embroidery. Captivated by their work, she immersed herself in learning the traditional technique. Over the years, she transformed and redeveloped the Bai minority punch needle embroidery, introducing multiple layers and sculpting for a more realistic and complex aesthetic.

Using only silk and cotton threads (no felting), Youmeng employs her bespoke punch needle to create each unique piece of artwork. Her dedication to the craft shines through in the intricate details and lifelike textures she achieves.

Looking towards the future, Youmeng aspires to showcase her 3D edible embroidery artwork in galleries worldwide. She is open to exciting collaborations with other brands to undertake innovative projects. With her groundbreaking technique and passion for conveying emotions through art, Youmeng Liu is undoubtedly a trailblazer in the realm of contemporary embroidery.

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