Elevating Olfactory Experiences: Oaken Lab's Artisanal Scents, Sustainable Practices, and a Blossoming Collaboration at the Newest Pop-Up Store


Oaken Lab, the renowned artisan perfumery brand based in Indonesia, continues to captivate fragrance enthusiasts with its unique scents and commitment to high-end ingredients. Founded in 2018 by the dynamic duo Cynthia Wirjono and Chris Kerrigan, Oaken Lab has become a significant player in the scent industry, offering a range of scents, grooming, and body care products.

What sets Oaken Lab apart is its meticulous curation of high-quality materials and artisanal blending processes, resulting in distinctive fragrances. Kerrigan's thorough research for natural extracts and aroma molecules, sourced both domestically and internationally, contributes to the creation of unique scents. Key ingredients include rose essence and massoia bark, reflecting the brand's dedication to using premium elements.

In addition to the emphasis on quality, Oaken Lab is committed to sustainability. The brand utilizes 100% recyclable plastic packaging and implements a refill system for subsequent purchases, aligning with global environmental concerns.

The Oaken Lab sensorial experience extends across various products, including perfumes, body care items, and room scents such as Reed diffusers and candles. The brand's olfactory offerings have found a place in concept stores and renowned boutique hotels not only in Indonesia but also internationally, including countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

In a significant move last year, Oaken Lab opened its flagship store in Pererenan, Bali, providing customers with a complete sensorial experience. Cynthia Wirjono and Chris Kerrigan expressed their belief in the transformative power of scents and personal care products that elevate daily life.

This year, Oaken Lab expanded its presence with pop-up stores in strategic locations, including Indonesia Design District in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 2 and the latest one in Ashta District 8, Jakarta's bustling business district.

Oaken Lab X Somethings To Keep: A Fragrant Collaboration

To celebrate the opening of its latest pop-up store, Oaken Lab collaborated with Varsam Kurnia, an illustrator from Somethings to Keep. This collaboration introduces three new fragrances that explore the symbolic language of floriography through elegant, solid perfume triptychs with unique packaging designed by Somethings to Keep.

The three new aromas are:

Rose: A fresh scent with heavenly elegance, evoking the sensation of roses with celestial grace. This fragrance is a result of Oaken Lab's journey to harvest essence from giant rose petals that silhouette a cosmic poem. Ingredients include Bergamot, Orris, Violet, Frankincense, Cedar Atlas, Cashmeran, and Benzoin.

Hyacinth: A warm ode illuminated by moonlight, capturing the beauty and unpretentious passion. Crafted from water hyacinth planted with delicate elegance, it flourishes as a fragrant manifestation of subtle love. Combined with the warm embrace of massoia, the aroma reveals a narrative of unpretentious passion. Ingredients include Neroli, Green Stem, Moss, and Woody Root.

Poppy: A sweet embrace, intoxicating like a mantra. This fragrance, composed of various scents such as Poppy, Iris, Honey, Frankincense, Labdanum, Sandalwood, and Oud Accord, weaves a beaded string that leads to a transcendental journey into the depths of the mysterious poppy mantra.

About Oaken Lab

Founded by Cynthia Wirjono and Chris Kerrigan, Oaken Lab began its product development journey in the couple's home "laboratory." From the outset, the brand focused on crafting high-end ingredients for fragrances, body care, and room scents. The duo explores olfactory sensations based on personal and travel experiences, curating essential oils and fragrance compounds to create distinctive Oaken Lab products.

With the belief that exceptional fragrances can elevate daily life, the couple's home laboratory creations have now expanded to flagship and pop-up stores, reaching customers globally.

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