This is a collaboration between Disrupto and 11th Space.


The startups in Indonesia have grown rapidly. Thus the incubation program and accelerations are needed to emerging the supportive environment. Seeing this, Disrupto collaborated with 11th Space to run Ncubation Batch 4 that ran on November 1, 2021. 

NCubation is an incubation program that is created by 11th Space, an incubator and business hub that is quarted in Australia and Jakarta, that is also part of Navanti Holdings. This investing company has some portfolios in Asia and Australia.

The 11th Space was created because of their passion for entrepreneurship and their experience in investing and incubating businesses for over ten years. They envision to be the catalyst of entrepreneurship where mentorship, business opportunities, and access to funding is easily accessible for all - providing the platform for business to grow. 

Back to their program, NCubation, it's an exciting bespoke business mentorship program powered by Navanti Holdings, their founding company. They will teach us and work on our ideas in our business incubator, from the initial business concept to getting your business up and running. The program stems from Navanti's international experience in various industries over the last decade. 


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Whether you are a student, a single parent, or a professional, this program is for us if we have a business idea that you need help with. They have an in-house investor group that has invested in dozens of companies and industries. They help us navigate the startup investor world to make sure we have the proper protections for our idea and guide us each step of the way until we launch a successful business. 

Their world-class investor and mentor group helps us take advantage of the fantastic local and international business opportunities, especially in Asia and Australia. They focus on lowering our supply chain and logistic execution risk through our growing presence in Asia. This is a crucial advantage for any startup in our market. They also help new startups scale into new markets, including Asia and beyond. 

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