Founded in 2015, our 'sole sister' PVRA is arguably the pioneer label that started the trend of beaded sandals in the local market.


Founded in 2015 by Kara Nugroho and Putri Katianda, PVRA, derived from the founders' nicknames, is arguably the pioneer label that started the trend of beaded sandals in the local market.

Maintaining its identity as a local brand, PVRA always uses original Indonesian materials and workers. Using only the finest materials made of leather and hand-woven beadwork, each pair of PVRA sandals requires long hours of production. However, the price offered is quite competitive, some might say price but it's totally worth it, considering the quality of the goods is excellent.

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The story of Kara and Putri
Kara and Putri were roommates while studying business at Monash University Australia. The two have a great interest in the fashion world. Kara likes shoes, while Putri is a jewelry lover.

When they returned home, Putri worked as a product manager for about two years at an electronics company in 2012, followed by a second career in an agency. Meanwhile, Kara, who used to work part-time at a shoe store during her university days, worked in online retail for a while and worked in retail for high-end brands after her return to Indonesia.

Kara loved her job, but it was tiresome and very time-consuming. She dreamed of an ideal and friendly business for women. This dream reunited her with Putri, who wanted to start a business where the working hours were more flexible so she could spend more time with her family.

The two then agreed to combine their respective interests by making jewelry-encrusted footwear. With a capital of IDR 5 million, Pvra released sandals with simple beaded decorations which were marketed through Instagram social media.

Putri's own sister posed in front of the camera wearing the initial 72 pairs of sandals embellished by sequins by their sequin master sewer, who still works for them. They asked their cousins, friends, everyone they know including office friends to help promote it on their respective social media.

The duo thought they could sell those pairs in 3 months, but they were sold out in 3 weeks.

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The story of PVRA
The enthusiasm of buyers increased when PVRA collaborated with several well-known influencers. Andra Alodita was one of their first. At that time, the influencer was pregnant and resorted to sandals for her daily wear. She saw the product and liked it, so she posted it, prompting major traffic for the brand.

Learning from that experience, the brand started sending out products to influencers with high engagement on Instagram. PVRA stepped into another huge milestone when it collaborated with Ayla Dimitri. With her exposure, the brand got offered to participate in the Cleo Fashion Award.

Cleo Fashion Award, initiated by the now discontinued Cleo Magazine, is a competition for young designers to design a collection that will be displayed at Jakarta Fashion Week. PVRA won first place and received a scholarship prize to take a course at the Italian Institute of Marangoni.

Upon their return, they were selected to be the 6th generation of the Indonesia Fashion Forward incubation program in 2017. The program gave them mentorship from England-renowned fashion experts for about a year before another show at JFW the following year.

The brand did have its share of luck, but the uniqueness of these handcrafted sandals is what attracts various famous names to wear them, including Raisa, Nagita Slavina, Jessica Iskandar, and Claradevi Handriatmadja.

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