The United Nations aims to remind everyone about happiness with the International Day of Happiness.


Typically symbolizing a positive emotional state, happiness is defined in many ways by many people. Happiness is of many definitions to everyone around the world. It is characterized by feelings of joy, contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction. 

When people talk about happiness, it could be at that very right moment, something that happened in the past will be happening in the future or referring to a more general feeling of life. 

Happiness is such a broadly defined term with many different perspectives. Psychologists and other social scientists typically use the term 'subjective well-being' which focuses on the individual's personal feelings. 

According to United Nations resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012, March 20 is declared as an International Day of Happiness. The event has been celebrated across the world since 2013 and here is everything you might want to know.

What is the International Day of Happiness?
International Day of Happiness is meant to help people become more aware of the importance of happiness, especially people in under-developed countries. The United Nations believed that people in underdeveloped and developing countries have the least knowledge and understanding of the concept of happiness, while people in developed countries are more aware of it. 

Happiness is not just a matter of being happy doing something that an individual likes, but it is also about offering people the freedom to pursue their happiness which can lead to the decrease of many issues in the world like women’s subjugation, gender disparity, racial discrimination, child marriage, and many others that are reported on a daily basis.

With the existence of this event, the global leaders envisioned that one day, this day should be the day to arrange conferences, concerts, and other types of public gatherings.

Originated in South Asia
The importance and pursuit of happiness were thanks to Bhutan, a South Asian country that became the global attention during the 1970s when it adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness at the place of Gross National Product. The movement was made into an amendment and accepted by international leadership. 

The event was further taken into account after the findings of three factors that are believed to have caused hindrance to happiness. It includes poverty, inequality, and global warming/pollution. 

As a way to mitigate the factors, the United Nations launched its "17 Sustainable Development Goals" campaign from a Youtube video and broadcasted across the globe in hopes to help in reducing inequality, culminating poverty, and protecting the planet. 

The campaign was participated by Michelle Yeoh, along with several other celebrities. All of them as committees of the global event aim to reach the goal by 2030.

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