Famous brands that collaborate with Brian Donelly aka KAWS to release collectibles for you to chase.


Some may be familiar with Bearbrick, yes they are collectibles art toys. Or you may experience the Uniqlo fever for the KAWS release. 

KAWS, also known as Brian Donelly, is an American artist from New Jersey. He is known for his characters Companion and BFF. His characters resemble other famous characters like Mickey Mouse and Cookie Monster. 

But aside from that, he has collaborated with other brands or even artists in the past, and some of them are still ongoing. 

So here are the top 6 KAWS aka Brian Donelly collaborations 

KAWS and Uniqlo 

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KAWS and Uniqlo have been working together since 2016, and in 2019 KAWS and Uniqlo partnership ended. KAWS’ collaboration with Uniqlo is way more affordable than his other products. Along with the partnership KAWS has released plushies, t-shirts, tote bags, and slippers. Through KAWS collaboration with Uniqlo, you could get your figurines for Rp300-500,000. 

KAWS and Jordan 

Aside from his VANS collaboration, KAWS has collaborated with Jordan shoes. This shoe was released back in 2017. 

KAWS and Kanye West

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KAWS has done some arts for music too. KAWS designed Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak vinyl back in 2008. 


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Back in 2013, KAWS designed the MTV Mooman for the Video Music Award. Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and more have snatched this trophy. 

KAWS and Pharrell Williams and Comme des Garçon

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KAWS has even designed Comme des Garçon’s perfume with Pharrell Williams. This collaboration happened in 2014. KAWS and Pharrell Williams have been long-time friends, even before this collaboration. 

KAWS and Dior 

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Yes, KAWS has collaborated with the French house, Dior. Back in 2018, KAWS collaborated with Dior Homme’s designer Kim Jones. The two are also long-time friends, and yes, you could get Dior Homme’s items with a quirky signature from KAWS. 

So there you go, have you ever snatched this collaboration before?

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