Rain wouldn't ruin your makeup and flawless look with the following steps.


Indonesia is now in the middle of the rainy season. For those who wear makeup, this is likely a top concern. As if wearing masks amid the pandemic is not enough, now you need to get used to the wet and humid air. On top of that, you might also need to watch out for frizzy and possible damp strands falling on your face.

For you who want — or need — to stay active outside, don't stress about getting your makeup erased by the wet and humid air — or even the rain. There are several techniques you can apply to your makeup regiment to stay flawless.

The key for makeup on rainy days is keeping it simple. "Less is more on this day," said makeup artists and salon owner Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. Simpler makeup is less likely to melt and smear and make your touchups much quicker.

Prime, Prime, Prime

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Primer is a life savior during this rainy season. If you don't normally wear it, perhaps the rainy season is the right time to get one for yourself. It will help your makeup to stay in place. Whether you choose to wear tinted moisturizer, foundation, or simple concealer, a primer will serve as the base. All you need to do is dab a small amount all over your face, and it will turn your skin smoother and ready for the next layer of makeup.

Use tinted moisturizer or waterproof foundation

As the air is more humid with higher precipitation, don't forget to apply a waterproof foundation to make sure the water doesn't melt your makeup. There are many waterproof foundation products on the market. But, you can also opt for a lighter choice on the skin with tinted moisturizer. It aims to moisturize your skin while also giving you coverage.

Cream blush that sticks to your skin

If you are used to wearing powder blush, it is time to switch your makeup a little on rainy days. Cream blush sticks better to your skin compared to powder blush, which is more suitable for dry and sunny days.

"Cream blush gives a more dewy effect when applied, which will pair perfectly with a rainy/humid day," said Chicago-based makeup artist Marissa Hohner. Make sure to find the right shade of your skin to give your cheeks that natural blush look.

Waterproof mascara to keep the water at bay

Perhaps it is a given to wear waterproof mascara on rainy days, especially to avoid mascara tracks. Check your mascara and see if it is waterproof. If it's not, you should get one before you end up with black streaks running down your face without you noticing.

Avoid applying heavy eye makeup on those days unless you want the perfect creases to smear and throw your hard work away to waste. It will also keep the touchup process simpler and quicker.

Get set and go with setting spray

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After applying all of your makeup, it is essential to lock them all in one place with setting spray. According to makeup artist Jeannie Giannone, setting spray will create a barrier between the environment around you and your makeup.

On top of that, setting spray can also function as a primer, skincare, and help even out your makeup. Just one or two spritzes — no need to tap them in — and let them sit on your skin and dry by themselves.

In conclusion, there is no need to worry that you won't be able to wear makeup in the rainy season. As long as you follow the steps and use the right products, your makeup will remain flawless throughout the day.


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