Doing these two things right.


Millennials have lofty goals and big dreams. Therefore, it's no wonder why most of them have a side hustle or two. It is estimated that one out of four millennials in the UK has at least one side hustle, according to Cosmopolitan, and that figure is expected to double by 2030.

People with a side job mostly work up to 50 hours per week, almost 12 hours more than the average work hours of a standard worker. With excessive workloads and intense pressures from anywhere, the potential for burnout is undeniably high. On the negative side, doing side hustles results in a lack of daily sleep and, in some cases, loss of time to rest on weekends and opportunities to socialize with your friends or families. Yes, side hustles can blur the distinction between hard work and overwork. 

Side hustles can contribute to self-productivity — with huge to-do lists to check off, if you have the energy to manage your things wisely, a side hustle can help you be more disciplined and organized. Whether your side hustle relates to your main job industry or just for a hobby, your experience and in-depth knowledge of the side job will add value to your CV. In the end, it will motivate you to take a few steps toward realizing your dream of owning your own business. Another plus point is that it makes you grow as an individual. 

However, while working for extra money is enjoyable, it can also leave you stuck and burned out. Fortunately, there are always ways to balance your main job and a side job without losing the excitement of living life. You know you can do it!

Make the best use of organizers

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With multiple priorities and deadlines, applications such as calendars, notes, and voice recorders can be a lifesaver when juggling main and side jobs. Consider using an app like Evernote, which combines all of these features, or MindMeister, which assists in the organization of tasks via Cloud storage.

Make a separate work schedule for your side hustle

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The keyword for achieving balance while side hustling is routine. Determine the amount of work time that can be set aside when you are in a productive state, and commit to using that time to do regular side jobs in addition to your main daily job. Why don't you think about taking your yearly time off for some days to work on your side hustle? 

Wake up two hours earlier than usual every day to do a side hustle. Instead of working late at night with a tired body and mind, try working early in the morning when you are full of energy and not distracted by inbox notifications or social media, which frequently distract you. You won't miss your happy hour with your friends or family after work.

After work, go for a walk to clear your mind

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Even though millennials are ambitious at work, they still believe in keeping their bodies in good shape to maintain mental energy. We can sometimes release stress and burden simply by exercising, such as running, yoga, or going to the gym. 

Prioritize yourself!

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Don't forget about self-love! Because your own body and mental health are the perfect synergies for successfully managing your main and side jobs. So, if you feel like you're about to burn out, don't be afraid to say "no" to some tasks or jobs or to offers that require you to do things that you aren't passionate about. Maintain fun agendas, such as traveling or spending quality time with your family, and then continue to do your side hustles. Go for it, movers and shakers!








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