As the generation with multiple challenges and responsibilities haunting at once, obtaining a work-life balance might sound unattainable.


When you hear the word 'sandwich,' the first thing that comes to mind will probably be two hot grilled bread with melting cheese and slices of meat stacked in between, served to enjoy for breakfast. As tempting as it sounds, the sandwich generation, on the other hand, does not represent something to savor at all. 

Millennials, as the generation 'sandwiched' between Boomer and Gen Z means that they have to accommodate both their elders and youngsters on top of their own adulthood struggles. Based on the 2017 data from Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics, 35,73 percent of elders live in a roof with two other generations, and 77,82 percent of their economic resources are from a working family member. 

However, the significant financial pressure isn't coming from Baby Boomers but rather from adult children. Seventy-three percent of middle-aged parents (40s and 50s) have supported at least one of their over-18-years-old children. 

Financial support is not the only stressor of the sandwich generation, as being able to balance emotional and physical care for themselves and their surroundings is not a walk in the park either.

Reducing working hours is not even financially feasible for them, let alone quitting the job. But doing this constantly for years will affect their well-being too. 

A high level of stress will cause work ineffectiveness and increase the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The numbers show that caregivers skip an average of 6.6 workdays every year. These numbers keep moving as the caretakers continue to age. 

Here, we provide you with some career tips to get a better work-life balance being a sandwich generation. 

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Financial Planning Comes First
We know that listing down priorities is not an available option for many. With all strains of expenses, we need to pay, it's hard to rethink which one needs to be prioritized. As difficult as it might be, dividing the urgency of your expenses will help you acquire healthy financial planning. 

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Communicate for Flexibility
Communication and flexibility are the keys to this issue. In the development of flexible working places in the present, communication between coworkers holds another significant role for them to get a work-life balance.  

It's essential to talk about your difficulties and ask for help when needed. The increasing number of the sandwich generation embeds more empathy in people as more coworkers can put themselves in that position. 

Try to communicate your problems with your boss. They might bring a solution to the table for you to work more efficiently without sacrificing any external responsibilities.

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