Parents might be in for a surprise to learn how millennials measure their success, which deeper than they ever expected.


Some said that millennials are different from other generations beforehand. They are judged with unwelcome stereotypes, such as uncontrollable, struggling financially, unreliable, and so on. 

Regardless of any kind of assumptions attached by millennials, we might learn how they define success is deeper than their parents think. Instead of reaching out 5C's (car, cash, credit card, condominium) as an indicator for success, millennials have more meaningful lists, and the true happiness for millennials doesn't come from the items you can buy. It's much more than that.

Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life

We’re not talking about doing anything and everything to achieve material success. It is more of living in the moment, enjoying it. Millennials won't spend over 50 years in an unhappy and monotone career path. They want to pursue a career that allows them to enjoy the work they do and feel fulfilled by it. 


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Being a YouTuber, freelance writer or make-up artist may not sound good at parent's ears who are more interested in traditional parents’ dreams like being a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. The interesting point is we are living in an age where millennials have a lot of options and opportunities to pursue alternate careers and the potential to be glorious. 

They grew up with technology, and they rely on it to perform their jobs better. Armed with smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets, this generation is plugged in 24/7. They like to communicate through email, text messaging, and whatever new social media platform (i.e., Twitter, Instagram) friends and colleagues are using. This is a generation that can't even imagine a world without the internet or cell phones. 

Achievement-oriented without forgetting social problem

Confidence, ambition, and achievement-oriented have been common characteristics of millennials. They also have high expectations and always seek new challenges at work. And one clear thing is that millennials not only want to give and serve, but they have a passionate desire to do so. 


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Millennials today want to engage their minds and their hands in leadership roles. It answers why many are pursuing social entrepreneurship and developing startups to become a trend among them. Millennials like facing tons of challenges and obstacles. They want to be remembered as game-changer. 

Flexibility and freedom’s fighter

This one might surprise you, but millennials usually prioritize family overwork. They dream all the time about how to balance their personal life. The members of this generation are willing to accept high pay with flexible schedules for life balance. It seems like they only want a fast-track lifestyle, however, millennials are stepping up for their aging parents. 


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For that reason, millennials are also called a sandwich generation as much as they love their family, they must provide not only for their parents but also the grandparents. Today, there are roughly 10 million Millennials who are the care companion or provide some type of substantial support for their elderly parents, grandparents, or relatives.

As if to disregard how millennials define their happiness by making their elder families happy, still, they have been bearing the brunt of others saying things like, "Millennials are not settling down soon enough” or “Millennials are not buying properties and are staying with their parents”. However, what millennials think all the time is about having time together with the money.

While the long-journey millennials seek their success and happiness, they have greater stuff, perhaps bigger than 5C’s. It’s making long-lasting memories.


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