23 brands were selected as winners through voting and internal curation.


Even amid the pandemic, sales of beauty and body care products experienced the fastest increase in online sales transactions. 

Indonesian e-commerce giant Tokopedia noted that sales in the beauty category almost doubled, with sunscreens, facial serums, face masks, cleansers, and face creams as the best-selling products.

The shopping platform also recently announced the 23 best beauty products from 23 local MSMEs chosen by the community at the 2021 Tokopedia Beauty Awards. Popular local brands such as BLP, Wardah, Somethinc, Whitelab, HMNS, MAKE OVER, and Sundae Shower were unsurprisingly among the brands that received awards.

Trueve, a skincare brand known for its serum, won the Best Newcomer award less than a year after its launching. According to co-founder Jessica Lin, the brand builds excellence through select active substances as well as elegant and luxurious packaging. 

Jessica is also involved in another winning brand Whitelab under her Deca group, which also owns Everwhite. 

"As a local brand, we always want to prove that beauty products made in Indonesia are of high quality and can even compete in the global arena," Jessica commented about Whitelab and Trueve.

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Perks for the winners

"We really appreciate the people who have voted for local beauty MSMEs. Winners were also selected based on several criteria, starting from the number of followers, how often the products are sought, to the significance of sales," said Tokopedia's External Communication Lead, Antonia Adega, in an official press release. 

Antonia also revealed that the winners of the 2021 Tokopedia Beauty Awards would receive various benefits, including higher exposure. The brands can appear at the televised event of the Tokopedia Indonesia Shopping Month festival, also known as WIB — Waktu Indonesia Belanja, and receive business management training from several experts, capital support for business development and much more.

"We hope that the Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2021 will encourage the emergence of more local MSMEs in the local beauty industry and make local beauty products increasingly the main choice for Indonesians," Antonia added.

"This award motivates us to continue to create the best local beauty products. We are also more motivated to take advantage of the Tokopedia platform because it has helped our products reach all of Indonesia," said Somethinc's owner, Irene Ursula.

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Complete winner list

For your shopping reference this month, here is the complete list of the 23 winners:
1. Best Toner: Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner
2. Best Serum: SOMETHINC 5% Niacinamide + Moisture Sabi Beet Serum
3. Best Moisturizer: Dear Me Beauty Skin Barrier Water Cream
4. Best Sun Care: Azarine Cosmetics - Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel
5. Best Face Mask: Whitelab Mugwort Pore Clarifying Mask
6. Best Face Cleanser: ERHA Acne Face Wash ACSBP
7. Best Eye Care: Whitelab Eye Cream
8. Best Body Wash: Sensatia Botanicals Calming Body Wash
9. Best Body Care: Scarlett Body Lotion Jolly
10. Best Hair Care: Makarizo Hair Energy Hair & Scalp Creambath Aloe & Melon
11. Best Fragrance: HMNS Perfume ORGASM 100ml Limited Edition
12. Best Eye Shadow: ESQA Goddess Eyeshadow Palette â Bronze
13. Best Eye Brow: YOU Make Up The Simplicity Brow Styler
14. Best Eye Liner: Power Liner BLP Copper
15. Best Mascara: MAKE OVER Lash Impulse Waterproof Mascara
16. Best Foundation: Wardah Instaperfect Mineralight Matte BB Cushion
17. Best Blusher: Emina Cheek Lit Cream Blush
18. Best Lip Color: Secondate Milky Gel Lip Tint Gallery
19. Best Facial Spray: STUDIO TROPIK DreamSetter Glowy Make-up Setting Spray
20. Best Artisan Body & Hair: Sundae Shower Berry Sweet Shower Cream
21. Best Hand Sanitizer: dr soap Hand Antiseptic Spray
22. Most Growing Brand: Azarine Cosmetics
23. Best Newcomer: Trueve


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