Exquisite Mooncakes: A Culinary Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival


The enchanting spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival comes alive with Pullman Jakarta Indonesia's presentation of an exquisite range of Traditional and Snow Skin Mooncakes. Crafted by the accomplished Executive Chef Koay Chee Ming, these delectable treats promise to take taste buds on a captivating journey of flavors and elegance.

With a Symphony of Flavors, patrons can embark on a culinary adventure through twelve captivating Mooncake varieties. Traditional enthusiasts will relish the rich and savory Single Yolk, the delicate and sweet Lotus, and the timeless classic, Red Bean Paste.

For those who favor Snow Skin Mooncakes, an array of invigorating options awaits, including the notes of Pandan and Durian or the harmonious blend of fragrant roses and decadent dark chocolate. The offerings extend to heavenly choices like Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Biscoff, and Coffee Caramel.

The Elegance in Presentation is evident, as these Mooncakes are thoughtfully encased in premium boxes, meticulously crafted to achieve perfection. Available in sets of two, four, or eight cakes, they make for ideal gifts for cherished family, friends, or esteemed colleagues. The experience is elevated with an assortment of eight-piece mini Snow Skin Mooncakes, presented beautifully in an exquisite circular gift box.

This Limited-Time Culinary Adventure is available for indulgence until September 29, 2023. Prices start at Rp 548,000++ per box for Baked Mooncakes, Rp 458,000++ per box for Snow Skin Mooncakes, and Rp 558,000++ per box for an eight-piece set of Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes.

To make the celebrations even sweeter, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia offers an Early Bird Special and Exclusive Benefits. Enjoy a 15 percent Early Bird discount until August 29, 2023, with advanced purchase. Orders of a minimum of 10 boxes will be treated to a complimentary box of four Snow Skin Mooncakes of your choice. Additionally, Accor Plus members can relish an exclusive 15 percent discount during this period.

Indulge in the culinary artistry of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia’s Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes and allow the flavors and elegance of these delightful treats to elevate your festive celebrations.

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