The beloved Spiderman’s spin-off, Venom, finally released its sequel in Indonesia this week.


The holidays are getting closer! Have you gotten any plans yet? It is almost the end of the month. If you are looking for an affordable and entertaining gate-away this weekend, you might want to hit the cinema.

If you are a cinema-goers who is also a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might not want to miss a new release this week. The fan's beloved Spiderman’s spin-off, Venom, is finally released, and the sequel is available to watch at all cinemas in Indonesia. 

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The sequel of Venom, entitled with an equally venomous title, Let There be Carnage, is a 100 minutes adrenaline rush of action and aliens. The plot of this movie is pretty straightforward and clear without any sudden unnecessary flashbacks. A fascinating point of this movie is the humorous banter between Venom and his human host slash counterpart, Eddie Brock, who is played by Tom Hardy.

As a continuation from the first movie, the sequel shows Eddie Brock’s dynamics in his effort to co-exist with his not-so-bad parasite named Venom. Though it is not easy since Venom craves the human brain, Eddie tried to substitute Venom’s cravings with chicken and chocolate. That alone has made the cinema echo with laughter throughout the movie. 

Many action scenes are violent but cartoonish, which made them watchable for 13 years-old kids. Through the movie, we can see, hear, and feel the quality of the effect work. There are constant thrilling sound effects and motion forces to make the audience anxiously anticipate the following scenes. While Hardy’s role is quite silly, he can also highlight his frustration and emotional exhaustion for everything in his life, mainly his parasite, Venom. The funniest scenes involve arguing with himself—Venom—which is living inside him and annoys him in every possible way. 

Besides the humor, Tom Hardy’s performance and acting with the CGI characters carried the film well. He worked with his antagonist counterpart, Woody Harrelson, who plays Cletus Kasady, a bloodthirsty serial killer. Their dynamics are delightful to the point audience would not notice some plot holes here and there. 

In the final act, Cletus Kasady accidentally developed another sentient alien inside him, and he became a host who willingly let his parasite kill and eat people. Kasady’s parasite named himself Carnage. The two sentient aliens finally battle it out. The battle shows that Venom is significantly weaker due to his lack of nutrition (human brain). He only consumes chocolate during his lifetime inside Brock’s body. 

The fight between two aliens marked a substantial improvement in the CGI compared to the first film. The action is easy to follow without any confusing plots or scenes. The film entertains the audience with its basic comic-books-required movie adaptation enjoyment. 

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However, the critics are harder to please compared to the audience. Some heavy critics are blown to the movie by critics around the world. Recorded on Rotten Tomatoes, some critics said that the movie is loveably awful, ill-conceived, and messy. A reviewer from The Movie Cricket said that Venom should not be taken seriously because it feels like a very messy video game where each scene has no purpose at all. Another critic from Singapore reviewed the movie as an over-caffeinated cartoon that strangles the life out of the human story hosting it.

Apart from the critics and the compliments, Venom’s post-credit ending is a surprise present for the loyal fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland’s Spiderman made an appearance there, and the scene has a connection to the upcoming Spiderman’s third movie, which will be released soon. 

Do not judge the movie by its critics! Grab your caramel pop-corn and book your ticket to have your judgment for the venomously funny movie!

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