AMO is one of the best world mathematics competitions.


Genius siblings Mischka Aoki (12) and Devon Kei Enzo (11) represent Indonesia and bring off two gold medals in the most prestigious competition, the American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO), recently. AMO is one of the best world mathematics competitions from America since 1977. Almost 150 thousand students from across the world participate in this tournament. This event aims to develop math talent in children and youth generations. 

What Mischka and Devon did surely make Indonesia proud. But, wait, do you feel familiar with Mischka Aoki’s name? Yes, they are children of the international fashion designer from Indonesia, Winnie Aoki, with her label, ‘Mischka Aoki’. 

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Although she is very busy with her high-end label, her top priority is her family. As a working mom, Winnie has her challenge to manage time between her job and watching their children’s growth, especially during pandemics. 

“I want my children to use their time wisely in terms of academic things, such as joining this AMO competition and be able to make Indonesian proud,” said Winnie. 

Mischka and Devon get used in joining this typical competition. The youngest Devon was succeeded in representing Indonesia in the World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) in Japan and get a bronze medal. 

Won 32 math competition medals during this pandemic

Devon and Mischka joined international math competitions since they were in 3rd grade. The competition challenges them to study more diligently because its subject is more complicated than what they got in school. 

They have already won some competitions, such as diamond and silver medals from WMI, gold medals from Hua Xia Cup Global Round, AIMO, VANDA Science, BIG Australia Science Competition. They also brought many medals from SIMOC (Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge) last week. In the previous month, they had been added 10 medals in total, and during 2021, they achieved 32 medals in total for Indonesia. 

Never attended tutoring outside school

Devon and Mischka never attended tutoring outside school like other students. They are only learning by theirselves. It could be a genetic factor from their parents (who were also often won various competitions when they were students). 

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Joining a competition doesn’t mean they always need to be a winner. For them, competition is like pushing their potential beyond the limit and increasing their eagerness to learn new things. Their parents are never forcing the children to do the competitions. In fact, Devon and Mischka are the ones who always searching for the information about when and where they can join the next competition.

Now Mischka and Devon are studying at ACS Jakarta. Mischka takes the Politic and Law Program while Devon takes the Technology Program. But, no matter what major that they take, they are always great at Mathematics.

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