Indonesia's cosmetic industry is on the rise in recent years. Check this list out to see some of the most popular.


In Indonesia, the rising interest in using make-up and skincare has brought many local brands and newcomer brands to exist and produce more products adapted to the needs of the 21st century. Indeed, the role of beauty bloggers is something to be thankful for. 

The cosmetics trend in Indonesia is dynamic, especially for the millennials. Starting from the viral Korean trend to the now Fairless Arabian skin style. As time goes by, Indonesia's local brand has been developing and some even managed to compete at the international level. 

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BLP Beauty
Launched in 2016, BLP is an acronym for "By Lizzie Parra". The founder of this company was once an employee of a multinational cosmetics company. Until she decided that she wants to contribute more to Indonesia's beauty world, she resigned and began to build her company, that is, with several challenges of course. Her name is Elizabeth Christina Parameswari, a long name for Lizzie Para.

This year, with the company's collaboration with another local brand, Avoskin, BLP has successfully attracted the attention of millennials. The most recent product, BLP x Avoskin released the Multipurpose Tinted Sunscreen. 

BLP's signature comes from their Lip coat which is available in 14 different shades, from nudes, bright pinks, purples to bold reds and browns. Travel sets are also available. 

Other than lip products, BLP Beauty also offers eye and face products and makeup brushes. 

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Rollover Reaction
Founded by co-founders Tinanda Nabila, Sarah Novia Hartono, and Novianti Haryanto, Rollover Reaction is one of the pioneering beauty brands to produce liquid lipsticks with matte results. 

The 'indie' local brand released its most recent product Dewdrop! Lip and Cheek tint. The lip product which focused on glossy texture but has a tint effect offers six colors. 

Rollover Reaction also became the first beauty company that provides customers practical access to their products from their vending machines. In Indonesia, it is the first vending machine that sells beauty products.

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Dear Me Beauty
Dear Me Beauty is one of the newcomers in the scene. The brand, owned by Nikita Wiradiputri, originally targets only the younger teen consumers, but now transitioning to produce products for a more mature image.

Dear Me Beauty products are made from natural ingredients and animal cruelty-free. Now, not only make-ups, but DMB also produces skincare. One of the products that became viral was Skin Barrier Water Cream which is a moisturizer that could be easily absorbed through the skin. 

Throughout the release of the company, it has collaborated with some of F&B companies such as Yupi candy to release pink-colored eyeshadows and also KFC to release its sheet mask. 

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ESQA cosmetics is one of Indonesia's local brands that rises the vegan cosmetic concept. Headquartered in South Jakarta, the company is founded by  Kezia Toemion along with her best friend, Angelina Cindy. 

ESQA cosmetics is the first local brand to be given the honor to represent DC Comics and Warner Bros in their 80s-Wonder Woman Believe Wonder Collection on June 24, 2021. 

ESQA cosmetics is one of the local brands that successfully compete in the international realm.

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Owned by the actress Cathy Sharon, she first created this company based on her fretful concern with Indonesia's beauty stereotyping. According to her, there are still gender issues and beauty discrimination in Indonesia that must be realized by the mass. For that reason, through SADA, she claimed that her products are meant for all Indonesian citizens with no exception. 

The hashtag of this beauty brand is #breakbeautystereotypes and its mission is to allow people to see Asian beauty in a different light. 

Aside from being the CEO, Cathy also role as the brand ambassador. Accompanied by Adinia Wirasti, an athlete, Cathy chose her purposely to better see that her products can also be used by the type of woman with exotic skin. Another brand ambassador is Jessie Setiono who is a lawyer. 

In the end, Cathy and all the brand ambassadors want to convey the message that whatever skin women have, they are worthy. 

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