The International Art Week Returns with a Spectacular New Venue and Over 70 National and International Galleries


This year, Indonesia's highly anticipated international art week, Art Jakarta is taking place from November 17th to 19th, 2023, at a brand-new venue, JIExpo Kemayoran in Jakarta, to celebrate artistic expression in a larger arena with state-of-the-art facilities.

Following the success of the previous year, this art week is reinforcing its appeal as an unparalleled platform for the exchange of contemporary art in Southeast Asia, firmly anchored in the region's largest art market. Marking a fresh chapter in its journey, the art week is gearing up for grandeur at the new venue, with the participation of 70 national and international galleries, including 14 first-time participants.

This year, Art Jakarta will welcome galleries from Indonesia and neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Furthermore, exhibitors from China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, and Australia will also join to showcase their artists' latest works.

Two long-standing exhibitors, Mizuma Gallery and Srisasanti Gallery, shared their thoughts:

"Indonesia currently has a robust and evolving art market, and Art Jakarta itself is one of the largest art weeks in Southeast Asia and a great platform to showcase artists represented by Mizuma Gallery." - Fredy Chandra, Mizuma Gallery

"Attending Art Jakarta is a delightful experience every year, since our participation in its inaugural edition. Art Jakarta is a dynamic arena where we meet new art collectors and enthusiasts, a refreshing gathering for the art community, and the best art week in Indonesia to date." - Benedicto Audi, Srisasanti Gallery

A new entrant, Rissim Contemporary, also commented:

"This is our debut participation at Art Jakarta. With this, we reaffirm our commitment to foster artistic dialogue and showcase Malaysian talent to a global audience. We appreciate Art Jakarta's focus on representing galleries and artworks from the Southeast Asian region." - Suleyman Azhari, Rissim Contemporary

The spotlight on the exhibited artworks will be a treat for collectors, art enthusiasts, and art lovers alike. They will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate contemporary works across a range of mediums, all encompassed within Art Jakarta's unique programs. These programs include Art Jakarta Spot, a platform for special presentation featuring specially tailored installation artworks for Art Jakarta, and Art Jakarta Scene, a segment for artist collectives and non-profits fundraising for their respective aspirations.

In addition to presenting art exhibitions, Art Jakarta is committed to sparking discourse and inspiration through talks, workshops, and engaging panel discussions.

Art Jakarta stands as an international art week that specifically amplifies the voice of contemporary Asian art. Stay updated with the latest news about Art Jakarta by visiting our official website at and following @artjakarta on Instagram.

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