Insta-worthy cafes by famous brands around the world for you to explore.


From Chanel to Dior, Maison Kitsune, all of these brands have their own cafe. You could find one of these cafes in Jakarta, you guessed it right, the Cafe Kitsune. 

I mean, these cafes are insta-worthy for your feeds and the luxurious atmosphere decor with the brand's DNA separates them from any other cafes. So here are the 10 cafes owned by luxury brands. 

Thomas's Cafe by Burberry

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First of all, the British brand, Burberry owned Thomas’s Cafe in London. They served to savour fine renditions of English produce including English caviar, artisan cheeses, and locally-farmed meats. And yes, this cafe depicts the DNA of Burberry as one of the most legendary brands in England. 

Vogue Café

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We all know that Vogue is one of the best fashion magazines out there. They do have Vogue Café in Porto. They served much stylish and mouth-watering food like the likes of bao buns, kofta, and chia pudding. 

Bar Luce by Prada

Photo Courtesy of Fondazioneprada

Prada also has their own cafe that's located in Milan. They worked together with the American film director Wes Anderson to create the mesmerising cafe. The interior has pastel colours and channeled the 50s and 60s. 

Vivienne Westwood Café

Photo Courtesy of  Vivienne Westwood Cafe

Vivienne Westwood also has their cafe in Shanghai. This cafe is a bit unique compared to other luxury brands cafes. They have an 18th-century heritage tea room and a modern photo studio concept. 

Cafe Kitsuné

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Its first café was launched in 2013 in Tokyo, and by 2018, it opened another cafe in Seoul. And in 2020, they also opened in Indonesia, Jakarta. They served robust coffee, sweet and savoury treats. 

Dior by Pierre Hermé

Photo Courtesy of Dior Mag

You heard it right that Christian Dior has their cafe in Tokyo. And by the name of Pierre Herme, they served sweets, cakes, and macarons. And Pierre Herme is Blair Waldorf’s favourite macarons. 

Beige by Chanel

Photo Courtesy of Beige by Alain Ducasse

Tokyo has many luxury cafes. Even Chanel opened their cafe in Tokyo. Beige has a backdrop of signature tweed, gold and silver, and warm wood and copper. They served French cuisine with Japanese food ingredients.

Blue Box Café by Tiffany & Co.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany and Co.

This cafe is iconic. Why? Breakfast at Tiffany’s course. But yeah, they featured the iconic Tiffany blue and they served different food for every season. 

Emporio Armani Caffè and Ristorante

Photo Courtesy of Armani

Emporio Armani has a fancy cafe back in Italy. They served Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino and a lounge for meals and an aperitif at the first floor and fine dining upstairs and a champagne bar. 

Gucci Osteria 

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Gucci Osteria is headed by star chef Massimo Bottura, so surely it's a must-try. Aside from the Michelin star chef, they have such an amazing, luxurious interior for your Instagram.

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