Why do we buy western products if the locals give us more?


Our local products are getting better and able to adapt to the most updated trends nowadays. There is no reason not to use our local products because the quality obviously could be compared with foreign’s brand with the affordable price.

Buying local is the best way to support local communities. By purchasing goods produced locally, consumers help stimulate their regional economy, help create, retain valuable jobs, support families, and strengthen community and culture. Understanding the strengths, limitations, and potential pitfalls of local consumption is key to making the most of the trend.

Now we want to talk about handmade shoes from local’s brands. But why? Is it really worth it to buy?

Handmade shoes are made in a workshop rather than a factory, which means each pair has a devoted craftsman to ensure its high quality. Unlike factory-made shoes, handmade shoes utilize the finest materials available, the leather will be real leather, and the stitching will be a wax thread to increase durability. So, what are handmade shoes from local brands that are recommended to buy?


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Amble Footwear was firstly founded in 2009. The founder, Agit Bambang Suswanto changes the stereotype of leather shoes that is monotone and old-style to be modern that all youngster like it.

He also creates footwear that is very comfy to wear, like sneakers. As he reaches the youth target market, Agit states affordable prices for his product. The price is about 25% cheaper than Docmart shoes. 


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Established in April 2015, Pvra was founded by Kara Nugroho and Putri Katianda. The brand name, Pvra, is short for their nicknames, Putri and Kara. They launched their first collection in April that year, being the pioneer of signature beaded sandals in the local market.

Pvra is handmade and crafted by skilled local craftsmen in Indonesia. They hit customers with this high-level sense of luxury, packaged in desirable pricing, using the finest quality of hand-picked leather and three-dimensional beadwork arrangement.


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If you have a plan to attend your best friend's wedding, I think Unificatio is the best choice for purchasing your formal outfit. Unificatio is a bridal wedding shoe from Jakarta that brings detailed characters full of statements in every footwear. 

Through the cold hands of local craftsmen, Unificatio has successfully released some stylish footwear collections. The footwear that has been present includes mules sandals, flat shoes, high heels, and several other collections.

All products produced by Unificatio are characterized by beautiful details that can give a statement look effect. This original shoe brand is indeed very good at exploring designs, materials, and some eye-catching applications.

13th Shoes

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The 13th shoes is a brand from Indonesia that was founded in July 2009. The founders try to create something new about women's footwear to fulfill their needs in fashion adopted nowadays. Made with joy and sweet local materials, 13th Shoes want to be well known as “Daily-fit-chic” that can be worn every day, everywhere, along with the latest style, without losing the comfort. 

Adorable Project

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Since 2008, Adorable Projects has offered shoes made by local craftsmen with competitive designs and prices. They believe that local products' quality is not inferior to Western products, and they have collaborated with 53 local artisans. Adorable Projects focus on quality local products from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to compete with international products and provide jobs for local artisans.

For more than a decade, Adorable Projects has become an Indonesian fashion retail destination known for its handmade products. Starting from accessories and shoes, Adorable Projects now innovates on clothing and bags


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