Everything we know about the upcoming "Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion", starring Tara Basro and Ayu Laksmi.


A group of pengabdi setan (satan's slaves) will soon return to haunt Rini and her family once again. North Sumatran film director and writer Joko Anwar once again sits on the director's chair for "Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion", the sequel to the 2017 loose remake horror flick "Pengabdi Setan". 

The first Pengabdi featured Ayu Laksmi, Tara Basro, Asmara Abigail, Bront Palarae, dan Endy Arfian. With 4.2 million watchers, it was the highest-grossing Indonesian film of that year (Rp 147 billion). It tells the story of Bahri as he strives alongside his children — Rini, Toni, Bondi and Ian — to survive the terror of his late wife's wicked associates, paranormal or otherwise. 

The movie ends with the revelation that his youngest "son" is the child of Satan himself, and while he and the rest of his family seemingly escape the horrors successfully, a new threat menacingly awaits them in their new place.

Courtesy of Pengabdi Setan 2


Teaser and returning cast
Tara Basro, who played Rini in the first movie, revealed that she would be back to play in the sequel, along with a confirmed returning cast.

The film brings back Ayu Laksmi as Bahri's late wife Mawarni, Asmara Abigail as Darminah, Bront Palarae as Bahri and Endy Arfian as Toni. Newcomer characters are to be played by Jourdy Pranata, Ratu Felisha, Muzakki Ramdhan, Fatih Unru, Kiki Narendra, Rukman Rosadi, Mian Tiara dan Muhammad Abe.

A film poster teaser gives away a sneak peek of what the family is going to deal with — a large number of ghosts locally known as "pocong" outside a window on an eerie night. An old lamp, radio, an old suitcase and a book on top of a desk are also visible. These things might be connected to the plot of the sequel.  

Another teaser came from Anwar's official Twitter account in the form of a 33-second long audio clip. A child is heard whining in agony, saying: "Send greetings to my mother. Please tell (mother), my grave is narrow. Maggots are biting me."

Plot and release date

Joko has revealed that the sequel explores the mother's historical relationship with the cult, although the plot itself is pretty much still a  secret. 

Meanwhile, Rapi Films' Sunil Samtani confirms that the film will be scarier due to the high expectation of the audience. He also said that he hopes the movie may premier right when the pandemic is over. 

Although an official release date has not been revealed, Joko, through his Instagram account, announced that the film would be released this year.

"Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion shooting, (I) can't wait to show (all of you) the film," he said. 

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