Campervan with complete facilities without worrying about destroying nature


Electric cars are the vehicles of the future that are currently growing. The designs are varied for all needs, one of which is travelling by camping in the open. Many people are currently favoring this camping trend to unwind from the busyness of the city. The destinations are also chosen according to taste; there are beaches, mountains, or villages, which can be reached by private vehicles.

This is also ​​the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) idea to make a campervan, a combination of a van and a camper, that uses electric motor power. This car will create a zero-emission driving experience, especially for nature lovers who want minimal impact on the environment from their activities.

The car with the name “e-Camper” is the world's first electric campervan that optimizes space to support camping activities. The problem with conventional campervans so far is that their energy comes from fossil fuels, disturbing the air quality in nature. Regarding the cruising ability of the electric motor, the e-Camper can cover a distance of up to 489 kilometers.

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The e-Camper offers ample space as the main accommodation when traveling camping. This car can accommodate four people with cabin flexibility that can be adjusted to the owner’s needs.

Facilities include an integrated electric kitchenette, a pop-up roof for two-person beds and a central folding table. In addition, this campervan is equipped with a second row of benches that can be folded to become a bed.

Despite its large dimensions, LEVC claims the e-Camper can maneuver easily in all terrains. When the owner has determined a place to camp, the first row seats can be rotated 180 degrees, and the second-row seats can be shifted back to get a lot of space to chat. In addition, the roof that opens upwards creates space to stand in both the living room and kitchen. This e-Camper uses one large sliding door for easy access in and out of the vehicle.

Other activities that the e-Camper can support include mountain biking and surfing with the capability of a sling rack that can be mounted behind the vehicle. The  e-Camper still uses a design like the London Taxi, especially the TX electric taxi model, which was introduced earlier. This campervan model comes in various colors and wheels to make it look attractive among conventional campervans.

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LEVC, formerly known as the London Taxi Company, said that the presence of the e-Campervan would attract the interest of freedom seekers and individual holiday enthusiasts, which has increased during the Covid pandemic era. Currently, the target market is still on the European continent, with the United Kingdom and European countries being the target market for this car. The plan is that the e-Camper will be priced at around 73,000 Euros with a sales target of Q4 2021.

This trend of driving by car for camping has also hit Indonesia. Many also rent vehicles that have been modified for camping and travelling to various places. One of the most common is on the island of Bali. Campervan tenants can go to various beaches in Bali and then spend the night on the beach or other beautiful spots. You can imagine if the e-Camper in Indonesia can grow camping activity and popularize the presence of electric cars. Hopefully, some parties are interested in bringing e-Camper to Indonesia.

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