Deep talk about friendship in professional worlds with the founder of wewomen.id


Their friendship isn’t just about having fun. They deliver their positivity into the community they created, wewomen.id. From Windy and Tiara, we can learn how they define the meaning of friend with benefits.

What makes you two do projects together?

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We were office mates with the same problems. Due to work in a business consultancy, where female workers are the minority, we felt like we don’t have a support system to support each other. We need a platform for us to grow together as a woman. We can talk about whatever we want without feeling scared or being judged. And that’s the reason why we create wewomen.id.  

What is your vision for the project?

First, we want to make a safe place for women’s development, where people can grow together, widen their network, and feel connected to each other—secondly, empowering women. We believe that women can be whatever they want as long as they can analyze their potential in a comfortable place. We also do women supporting women, which means that we want to be like a home for our members. You can explore everything and be yourself. 

How to stabilize your personal life and professionally?

Windy: Both of us knew our personality since we became friends for an extended period. It was beneficial where we already had a basic to navigate our relationship. I know Tiara so well in her personal and professional life, so it’s easy for us to understand one another. 

Tiara: We had transparency between us that is strong enough. For women, personal lives are always affected by professional lives. In the end, we learn how to communicate with each other, like I won’t talk behind her back and vice versa. 

When conflict comes, what is your default strategy to resolve this situation?

Photo Courtesy of wewomen.id

One of the values in wewomen.id is selfless tender, where we can give feedback as transparency as we could as long as it conveys tenderly. We put our subjectivity outside; only we want to deliver improvement. In this way, we think it is the most efficient strategy to solve a problem. 

How to align your work habits?

Tiara: Well, it’s hard as we have different patterns. Hahaha. That’s why we use checkpoints. I am not typical like Windy has, who can spare time routinely every day for one thing as I have another thing to do. But I already give one of my weekend days just for Windy to talk about everything from personal until discussing our project. 

To what extent do you trust your partner?

We do believe each other. I remembered that we had a deep discussion; do we need legal things if something happens? As we know that wewomen.id and our other project is very professional, where there is a cash flow and ownership there. Straightly Windy said, “No, I believed in you. You’re not typical that want to running our money, hahaha,” 

How do you guys manage your time?

We have weekly catch-up meetings that we already agree on. We also understand the responsibility of coming on time. When we are in the discussion, we need to focus on what we do. 

What characteristics and skills do we need in a project partner?

Tiara: First is trust. Trusting people is quite challenging for me. I am not taking over her work even at the last minute. Fundamentally, we should have. And transparency. I believe she won’t punch my back; she prefers to talk in front of me and not be fake, hahaha.

Windy: For you who want to look for a partner for a project together, maybe you can search for a partner who can complement you. I do not type the person who can easily mingle with a new person, but Tiara can. 

How do you create an equally strong commitment between the two of you?

Windy: I often think that someone who can be committed is a strong reason, and both of us have it: we want to have a safe place for sharing and meet good women who can be good role models for us. 

Tiara: The reason why I stay so far is that my partner is Windy. When you feel tired, I remember that Windy is waiting. 

If the project doesn’t work out, how easy would it be for you to remain friends?

One hundred percent yes, hahaha. 

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