Maybe you need more red and gold in your life, but Ikea makes sure that you don't have to splurge an exorbitant amount for the sake of redecorating.


Chinese New Year 2022 gave us only one day off but is usually celebrated for approximately two weeks. If you have an event at home with your family, you can try to make small changes without spending a lot of money.

In addition to making your get-togethers more comfortable, it can also bring a fresh atmosphere for this Year of the Water-Tiger. IKEA Indonesia shares some easy tips for decorating your home this New Year to make it even more profitable.

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Create a tidy family room through rearrangement
For some people, welcoming Chinese New Year means preparing for a new beginning. Before redecorating, you can tidy up the room first by rearranging the position and storage of your stuff. This step aims to create a neater space so that family members feel comfortable spending time when celebrating Chinese New Year. You will also find it easier to find items.

Display the red decorations
After the family room is tidy, add knick-knacks to make the Chinese New Year feel even more pronounced. The ornaments on display don't need to be expensive, you can just put in red artificial flowers in a vase, or simply put small red jars on the table, or beautiful lanterns to bring a fresh atmosphere to the room.

Change pillowcases to bring a new atmosphere
The living room is a gathering place for Chinese New Year celebrations and the sofa is its centerpiece as it offers the most important place to sit and relax. However, sprucing up by replacing a sofa certainly costs money. One of the simplest yet very effective decorating tips to create a festive atmosphere is to replace the sofa cushions with shades of red or gold.

Display family photos or Chinese New Year wall decorations
Wall decorations are also simple home decorating tips to enliven Chinese New Year celebrations with family. Display a family photo with a Chinese New Year theme or mandarin writing or a picture of a tiger using a minimalist photo frame with the appropriate colors. Not only it can beautify the room, but this wall decoration will also add some splash of color and Chinese New Year ambiance when you take pictures with your family.

Use beautiful cutlery for the banquet
Family gatherings don't feel complete without Chinese New Year snacks. Call it kue keranjang, cupcakes, sweets, candies, lapis legit, and many more. To make everything is neatly arranged, you can use your own beautiful bowls and plates. Arrange oranges, a fruit that symbolizes good luck, in an eclectic fruit bowl. Not only to make it look neat but also as an additional decoration on the family room table.


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