It gives an interactive experience for tourists in West Kowloon, Hong Kong.


If you travel to Hong Kong and Star Ferry, you will notice that recently, a character full of colorful and charismatic in electric trains in Hong Kong. They are a stunning artistic masterpiece from two international pop artists, FriendsWithYou, are Samual Borkson from Florida, USA, and Arturo Sandoval III from Cuba. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has been worked together with FriendsWithYou in an attractive and imaginative partnership to promote "Hong Kong Neighborhoods - West Kowloon."

Through series of online flash mob videos, AR interactive experience, and extensive art installation, those characters bring international viewers in the virtual journey run through Hong Kong and seeing beauty attractions that focus on element diversity that is quite adorable in West Kowloon, also pushes people to explore Hong Kong from art and culture's perspective.


Photo Courtesy of Discover Hong Kong


Samuel and Arturo say, "We are very happy to perform our newest art collection, Happy World in Hong Kong, where it's our first exhibition in magnificient scale for us in Asia. We hope that our collection can spread harmony message and happiness, which becomes a life source that is needed in every corner on this world at this moment."

This collection show character in one family with bright colors, including the main character, Little Cloud that will be changed to be a giant statue that can blowed to meet people in Art Park West Kowloon Cultural District, with other characters, like Rainbow Worm, Jelly, Hug Bug, and Peanut Butter.


Photo Courtesy of Ds=iscover Hong Kong


"These groups will walk around through Hong Kong while sharing a friendship and their love and connecting with people widely. We are sincerely hope this can bring positive impact and full of hope to every people when they spread vision of Happy World," he added.


FriendsWithYou collaborates with Hong Kong and Worlds

Characters of FriendsWithYou has been created their step on some landmarks and the most attractive places in Hong Kong like these:
- attending West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), one of the big culture projects and the most ambitious in the world;
- adoring one of the most spectacular horizons in the world in Sky Corridor of rapid trains in Hong Kong West Kowloon, and visiting Avenue of Stars;
- traveling by electric trains in Hong Kong that has a place in Guinness World Records as the most prominent electric train for public transportation (Hong Kong, 2021);
- seasonal shopping fruits in fruit market Yau Ma Tei, one of the biggest markets in Hong Kong;
- sailing did Star Ferry, which has honored to be one of "50 places of a lifetime" in the world to its landscape in Victoria Harbour.


The prominent blowing character brings beautiful colors to Art Park

After their touring in Hong Kong, these 12 giant art installation that can be blown will place "their temporary place" from 23 September until 14 October in Art Park, WKCD, where people in Hong Kong can create their capture memory with that installment. The most pay attention character is Little Cloud that has a height of more than three floors, longer than the bus, while Rainbow will be bigger than the minibus. The newest family member, Jelly and Rainbow Worm, also create their global debut in Art Park. Be ready to see their more giant character in their entire life directly when you visit Art Park, WKDC, and walk around from time to time. 


Photo Courtesy of Discover Hong Kong


At the same time, Hong Kong Space Museum will perform a smiley face icon from the character of FriendsWithYou in their outside wall that will radiate energy and positivism to people who passed it. Please make sure that you see and take a picture of this fun moment and share it through Instagram!


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