ITTP 2023: A Vibrant Showcase of Indonesian Trade, Tourism, and Cultural Delights in Phnom Penh


The 14th Indonesian Trade and Tourism Promotion (ITTP 2023) is set to commence at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre in Phnom Penh on August 4-6, 2023. Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Phnom Penh, ITTP is an annual integrated promotional event aimed at showcasing Indonesia's trade, tourism, education opportunities, arts, culture, and culinary delights.

Themed "Strengthening Cooperation through Collaboration," ITTP 2023 seeks to enhance collaboration not only between governments but also at the people-to-people level, fostering stronger bilateral ties across various sectors and bringing Indonesia closer to the Cambodian people.

The event will feature a diverse array of activities, including an Indonesian product exhibition and sales, tourism promotion, business matching sessions, and engaging cultural events. Attendees can look forward to cooking and karaoke competitions, a fashion show, music and dance performances, games, and quizzes, promising an enriching and interactive experience for all.

ITTP 2023 will host 17 Indonesian companies, 15 Indonesian product importers/distributors in Cambodia, and representatives from two well-known Indonesian universities. Additionally, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia and the Provincial Government of West Sumatra will also be present at the event.

The fair serves as an excellent opportunity for Indonesian businesses and educational institutions to showcase their offerings and establish meaningful partnerships with Cambodian counterparts. Moreover, the event aims to promote Indonesian culture and tourism attractions, inviting Cambodian visitors to explore the diverse offerings Indonesia has to offer.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Phnom Penh expressed its enthusiasm for ITTP 2023, highlighting its role in fostering collaboration and strengthening ties between Indonesia and Cambodia. The fair's integrated approach aligns with Indonesia's commitment to deepen cooperation and engagement at multiple levels, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of both nations.

With its rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and unique products, Indonesia is eager to capture the hearts of Cambodian visitors and create lasting connections between the two nations. ITTP 2023 promises to be an exciting platform for showcasing the best of Indonesia while nurturing relationships and advancing mutual interests between the two ASEAN neighbors.

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