Pranks on social media are sometimes cruel and harmful. It is better to keep the mood light on the HAHAHA day so anyone involved can laugh at the end of the day.


Plenty of pranks posted on social media is sometimes cruel malicious and even dangerous, either intentionally or not. Pranks involving emotional manipulation such as breaking important sad news as prank is a real relationship breaker. The one who got pranked might become extremely sad and will not trust you anymore.

That is why we should instead start sharing more positive harmless pranks with the community. Aim for laughter and happiness from the person who got pranked. It is, after all, the reason April Fool's day is so beloved. Try these pranks that may inflict laughter from the person you prank.

1. Dress like a friend or family member
Have your whole family or friends agree to dress up as another member of your choosing. Pick up the person's sense of style with similar shirts, shorts, shoes, and use glasses if the person usually does.

To annoy them even more, mimic their mannerism and way of talking. It might evoke laughter from everybody in the room.

2. Jello "drinks"
Prepare glasses, mugs, or whatever glassware of your choosing. Best to choose non-transparent glassware for maximum effect.

Pour fresh hot made jelly, agar-agar, or anything translucent into the glass. But don't fill it thoroughly because we will need the space at the top later. Stick a straw or metal straw, into the jelly and let it solidify in the fridge.

When the jelly is ready to serve, pour in a little bit of beverage with the exact same color as the jelly. The liquid is used to mask the solid jelly right under it. Serve the "drink" to guests and see how they struggle to slurp it up.

Courtesy of Unsplash/Dan Gold
Courtesy of Unsplash/Dan Gold

3. Swapping photos
Swap the photos hung or placed at your home or office with whatever picture of your choosing, as long as it is funny and lighthearted. It could be pictures of you, another family member, co-workers, or even public figures posed in funky situations. 

Find out how long they will go about their day until they notice something weird is happening with the pictures.

4. Change the way you speak or text
For just one day on April Fool's Day, you can try talking like someone else. It could be a cartoon character, public figures, co-workers, or just take movie quotes instead. Let's start with "ogres are like onions" and 'replace see you later with "I'll be back". Do not proceed to elaborate on the ruse.

Courtesy of Unsplash/No Revisions
Courtesy of Unsplash/No Revisions


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