Empowering Women's Financial Independence and Lifestyle Aspirations


UOB Indonesia has announced the revamp of the UOB Lady’s Card, coinciding with the celebration of the 35th anniversary of UOB Lady’s Card in Singapore, which was the first credit card in Southeast Asia with a focus on women. The UOB Lady’s Card is designed to offer the best benefits, perks, and innovations in the industry, aiming to meet the needs and preferences of women. The updates to Lady’s Card mark UOB's long journey in empowering modern upper-class women across the region to achieve aspirational lifestyles.

The inclusion of women plays a significant role in the economy of Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, women-led businesses have a tremendous economic potential, with total opportunities reaching US$470 billion. Building upon this vast potential, UOB Lady’s Card has updated its tagline to "Unstoppable Together." This reflects the unlimited opportunities and potentials that women can achieve through collaboration and support within ecosystems for the various roles they undertake.

In line with the dynamic and diverse roles women play, UOB Lady’s Card offers tailored advantages and privileges to women’s lifestyles, such as exclusive access to various events, talk shows, or training sessions to enhance skills. Based on UOB Lady’s Card spending data from 2020 to 2023, UOB Indonesia has recorded a 100 percent increase in transactions for dining, while shopping transactions have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Cristina Teh Tan, Consumer Banking Director of UOB Indonesia, stated, "We recognize that Indonesian women play a crucial role in driving economic growth and shaping society. From 2019 to 2023, the UOB Lady’s Card holder base increased by 95 percent. This proves the long-term relevance of the offerings we provide to the diverse lifestyle needs of women. As we celebrate 35 years since the introduction of UOB Lady’s Card in Singapore, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing the progress and success of women wherever they are, in line with our efforts to become 'Unstoppable Together'."

Launched in 2010, UOB Lady’s Card focuses on providing health and beauty benefits to female customers, giving cardholders the option to earn triple reward points in categories aligned with their lifestyle priorities, such as Fashion, Department Stores, Groceries, and E-Commerce. To meet specific customer needs and preferences, UOB Lady’s Card offers Lady’s Day promotions every Wednesday, providing discounts of up to 50 percent for certain Beauty categories.

Celebrating women who have diverse roles with the introduction of the new card face

The new design of the UOB Lady's Card was created by Sunny Chyun, the winner of the UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) 2017. The design features a contemporary element showcasing pixelated roses combined with lines and colors, symbolizing complexity and diversity, reflecting the various roles a woman holds.

To provide similar benefits to female customers across the region, the latest campaign "Unstoppable Together" and the new card design were launched simultaneously in all ASEAN countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia – in May 2024. UOB Indonesia will also host a series of exclusive events and promotions, including partnering with Mastercard to provide free dining rewards, especially for new UOB Lady's Card customers at C’Steak, Grand Hyatt, and Henshin, Westin Jakarta, Indonesia, until June 2024, with a minimum transaction of Rp10 million within 60 days after card approval.

For more information about UOB Lady’s Card and its benefits, please visit www.uob.co.id.

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