Join our conversation with the owner of Studiokado.


Who would have thought that the difficulties Adyn faced in finding the right gifts for her relatives emerged with the idea of ​​creating a one-stop online platform that could provide everything from gift ideas to the delivery process?

Adyn is a detail-oriented person and has good aesthetic thinking, while Erdal is the one who has a digital and hi-tech mindset. Their expertise brings them to a brilliant idea: preparing gifts for loved ones from scratch. Check out our conversation with them!


Could you please describe your product? What are you offering?

We provide one-stop gifting services from choosing the packaging and items to delivery to the intended recipients. All can be done in just a few clicks away, which makes it hassle-free and excitement-guaranteed.


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What inspired you to develop your idea?

It all started when I was trying to arrange hampers for my previous company and the whole back and forth communication between I and the seller was quite taking some time. Followed by my other experience when I was planning to give a birthday gift for my friend and the amount of back and forth checking on the seller and running through PDF files to see the available items was also somehow seem impractical. 

Out of nowhere, I was just thinking about the possibility of having a place where we can do it all at once checking and choosing the items, writing the message, and setting the date for delivery. In just a few clicks, the gift is ready and sent out to the loved ones. As I shared this idea with Erdal, who is an expert in tech and digital media, we found this idea worth trying and started to develop it together until today. 

What is unique about Studiokado?

We simplify gifting which we used to spend hours walking around the mall to find a perfect gift to a few clicks on our website to create a nice, neat, and beautiful gift which our customers can send right away to the intended recipient.


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What strategies did you first use to market your business?

Since day one, we strongly leveraged digital channels to accelerate the growth of Studiokado. We established a presence on social media such as Instagram and Facebook and gathered an engaged follower base via Instagram Ads continuously. This is where we actively communicate and listen to our customer’s needs and feedback daily. 

Moreover, we have also utilized Google Search Ads to market Studiokado in order to be visible for users that already have clear purchase intent and are looking for specific keywords on Google that are very relevant to Studiokado. These users redirect to our website and provide gift options according to the user’s search intent.


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Not to forget, we also established a strong presence and have executed marketing approaches on major E-Commerce websites such as Tokopedia (and also Shopee) early on in order to be present for the massive search volume and users looking for gifting options.   

We are glad that we also have managed to have strong connections among our friends who happened to have a strong influence in their society, be it influencers, business owners, or freelancers.


What was your background before doing this business?

We come from a Digital Media and a PR background having worked at globally renowned car manufacturers and advertising agencies as well as startups that have grown to become one of SEA’s leading E-Commerce platforms. 


What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

Having built Studiokado from scratch every step along the way, it is a huge joy and affirmation for us to get positive feedback from customers that appreciate our products and are thrilled upon receiving them. This is a really fulfilling feeling assuring us that there is something that we must be doing right, especially taking into account that we’ve been “just” running for roughly 10 months :)  


What do you find most challenging about being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur surely comes with a high amount of pressure, as business success purely relies on our actions as founders. Starting a brand from scratch is without a doubt a big risk, which though - when you do things right, also comes with a big return. 


How do you plan for your business's future?

Our goal is set, to become the Go-To destination for your Gifting needs in Indonesia. Be it for individuals looking for instance for a nice and thoughtful birthday gift or for corporate clients in need of anniversary or client hampers. 

To achieve this, we aim at constantly evolving the company and the way we operate, a little step a day towards improving ourselves and Studiokado, be it in our product offerings, in our daily operations, in our marketing efforts, etc. 


What’s your hobby?

I am into sports such as Golf, fitness, and Krav-Maga. Also a skincare and fashion enthusiast, I keep up to date with the newest trends. This is also where the beauty factor of our boxes stems from.

While Erdal is very passionate about traveling, especially to sunny destinations with pristine white-sand beaches. He likes gymming as well, however, the constant lockdowns made that hobby a bit tough to continue. Recently he also discovered joy in golfing and badminton.


As we define you as a gift expert, what kind of gift would you like to give to your special person? 

As for us personally, a gift doesn’t always have to be extravagant but it has to be right. We both love gifting and we always give each other gifts that we both want or we’ve been wishing to have. Sometimes we go the extra mile and try to give something more but it’s still within each other’s interest and likes. 

Everyone has a different personal story and character. How do you create a gift that delivers a personal message?

We always use these three strategies to give a perfect gift: what are they into now? What is on their wishlist? What do they currently need? 

We think gifts have to be very personal, bespoke, and well-thought-out. By answering those questions above it would be easier for us to give a special gift to our special ones. 

If you only have Rp50.000,- and you should buy a gift for your friend/lover/ someone that is special to you. What item will you buy?

With Rp50.000,- it is still very possible to give something that will be meaningful to the recipients. We can buy their favorite food or make D.I.Y. projects like photo books or scrapbooks, it’s cost-saving yet personal. 


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