A collaboration between Iskandar Widjaja and Alchemist Fragrance, two artistic powerhouses in their respective fields, the concert defied conventions and surpassed expectations.


In a mesmerizing collision of artistry and innovation, renowned violinist Iskandar Widjaja orchestrated an unforgettable evening that transcended the realms of traditional performance. "Scents for All Senses," a groundbreaking event that seamlessly melded the harmonies of music and the fragrant tapestries of Alchemist scents, left its mark on attendees, transforming the way they perceive artistic experiences.

Held on a balmy Monday evening, August 28, 2023, within the enchanting confines of Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta, this event was nothing short of a sensation. A collaboration between Iskandar Widjaja and Alchemist Fragrance, two artistic powerhouses in their respective fields, the concert defied conventions and surpassed expectations.

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A Symphony Beyond Sound

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon and the twilight hues painted the sky, a sense of anticipation hung in the air. Attendees, each clutching their tickets like golden invitations to a sensory odyssey, filtered into the venue. The setting was no ordinary concert hall; Taman Ismail Marzuki's open-air amphitheater lent itself perfectly to the marriage of music and fragrance that was about to unfold.

Iskandar Widjaja, celebrated for his virtuosity and unorthodox approach to classical music, stood at the center of the stage, his violin poised like a magician's wand. As the first notes resonated from his instrument, the air was saturated with the ineffable magic of his music. Melodies danced on the breeze, and the audience was entranced.

Sensory Alchemy

Yet, this was not just a musical performance; it was a symphony of senses. Alchemist Fragrance, known for their mastery in crafting olfactory experiences, had created a collection of scents specifically designed to complement Iskandar Widjaja's musical narrative. As each composition unfolded, so did a carefully curated aroma, painting the air with a tapestry of fragrances that mirrored the emotions evoked by the music.

From the invigorating citrus notes that accompanied a lively allegro to the warm, woody undertones that embraced a melancholic adagio, the scents added an entirely new dimension to the concert experience. The fusion was so seamless that it was impossible to distinguish where the music ended and the fragrances began.

A Multisensory Euphoria

For the fortunate attendees seated in the amphitheater, the evening was a multisensory euphoria. As Iskandar Widjaja's fingers danced across the strings of his violin, they weren't merely hearing the music; they were feeling it, inhaling it, becoming one with it. The fragrances acted as an invisible brush, painting emotions and memories in the minds of those present.


Pioneering New Frontiers

As the final note resonated, the amphitheater was filled with a moment of hushed reverence before erupting into a thunderous applause. The collaboration between Iskandar Widjaja and Alchemist Fragrance had pushed artistic boundaries, inviting audiences to perceive music in an entirely novel way. It wasn't just a concert; it was a symphony of humanity's most intimate senses.

As the echoes of this unprecedented event continue to reverberate, one can't help but wonder what lies on the horizon for the world of art and sensory exploration. Is this a fleeting experiment or the start of a revolutionary movement that will redefine how we engage with artistic expression? Only time will tell. Until then, those fortunate enough to have experienced this symphony of senses will carry its echoes within them, a reminder that the boundaries of art are meant to be challenged and redefined.


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