Derived from the remarkable novel "Almost is Never Enough," this film has captured the hearts of readers, earning its place as a bestseller with multiple reprints.


Following the recent launch of its official trailer and poster, the much-anticipated film "Dear Jo (Almost is Never Enough)" has taken center stage with a star-studded premiere at Epicentrum XXI, South Jakarta. The premiere event left the audience enraptured, lost in the world of heartrending drama and romance that the film's characters navigated.

Derived from the remarkable novel "Almost is Never Enough," this film has captured the hearts of readers, earning its place as a bestseller with multiple reprints. The novel's resounding success has drawn the attention of MVP, the masterminds behind the film adaptation set to grace local theaters on August 10th, 2023.

"The premiere of this film is a crucial moment for us to express our profound gratitude to the extraordinary support from our entire team, loyal fans, and collaborative partners. Without their collective backing, this film would not have achieved the remarkable success it enjoys," expressed Whora Anita Raghunath, CEO of MVP.

The film revolves around the lives of Joshua (Jourdy Pranata) and Maura (Salsabilla Adriani), a young married couple who reside and work in Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite their financial success, an emptiness prevails due to Maura's inability to conceive.

Ella (Anggika Bolsterli), a close friend of Maura's and a single parent from Indonesia living in Baku, understands Maura's yearning for motherhood. They come to an agreement that Ella will act as a surrogate mother, a decision that binds their fates in an unexpected manner.

However, tragedy strikes when Ella finds herself unexpectedly pregnant as Maura meets with a tragic accident. The incident leaves both Ella and Joshua shattered, their lives derailed from the plans they once envisioned.

The film intricately weaves together the themes of surrogacy, friendship, love, loss, and selflessness. Set against the backdrop of Azerbaijan, the narrative takes on an alluring allure that blends seamlessly with the heartfelt storytelling.

Not just that, under the directorial prowess of Monty Tiwa and Lakonde—respected figures known for their contributions to Indonesia's cinema—'Dear Jo (Almost is Never Enough)' delivers a cinematic experience that spans a poignant 100 minutes. With scenes set against the picturesque landscapes of Azerbaijan and the vibrant cityscape of Jakarta, the film's visual journey is both mesmerizing and impactful.

Screenwriters Nataya Bagya and Monty Tiwa ingeniously craft a story that tugs at the heartstrings, revolving around the lives of Joshua, Maura, and Ella. Coupled with exceptional production values in visuals and sound, the film offers audiences an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

The film boasts exceptional performances from a cast of seasoned actors, including luminaries such as Roy Sungkono, Widyawati, Mathias Muchus, as well as the emerging talent Azkya Mahira.

"With our talented creative team, we remain committed to delivering an unforgettable cinematic experience and fostering lasting connections with our cherished audiences," stated Whora Anita Raghunath.

As "Dear Jo (Almost is Never Enough)" shines on the silver screen, it promises to captivate hearts, weave emotions, and inspire contemplation, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indonesian cinema.Be ready to grab your tissue and popcorn!


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