Fancy a high tea session at home? Here are a few local tea artisans worth the price for you to enjoy.


Tea has a long history in Indonesia, and the beverage is embedded in its diverse culture. Indonesians have the habit of drinking ice or hot tea right after their meal. In the morning, the caffeine contained in tea gives the energy to support daily activities. At night, tea can provide relaxation effects for people to sleep better.

As the popularity of tea grows, many local producers have begun to innovate their tea products based on their benefits and mix them with herbs. In this case, artisan tea is a type of tea made by tea specialists and usually has one main compound of tea leaf in its homemade concoction. 

Whether mixed with herbal ingredients like the magnolia flower or Indonesia's local spices, artisan tea offers a drinking experience like no other. If you're new to artisan teas, here are a few good brands to start.

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Havel Tea

Havel Tea mixes its tea leaves with locally-grown spices and fruits. Apart from its classic flavors, Chamomile Tea and the Mint Depujon are among the excellent varieties it's offering.

Havel Tea also sells dried buds that customers can brew at home. Additionally, they offer toolset collections like cup strainer, ball strainer, hand strainer, and measuring spoon to accompany your afternoon tea time. It ships nationwide.

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Savis Tea

This brand is probably familiar to you already, but in case you didn't know, the artisan brand that is Savis Tea offers a variety of tea: white tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and Javanese jasmine tea. It also has signature items that are mixed with spices like lemongrass and pandanus.

Savis Tea's best-selling product, the Bunaken Blue Tea, is inspired by the beauty of the Bunaken sea. The tea has the blue hue of Indonesia's Bunaken Sea and is infused from 100 percent natural flowers, aromatic herbs, and white tea. It recommends the tea be served with a combination of soda, ice, and lemongrass.

Its products are available on e-commerce sites, Instagram, as well as in its brick-and-mortar store at Alun-Alun Indonesia, Central Jakarta. 

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Sila Tea

Sila Tea produces premium tea from the young tea roots known as "Pekoe". Like the other two artisan tea above, Sila Tea offers tea leaves mixed and infused with herbs and Indonesian spices. Its signature choice, Golden Needle, is high-grade black tea blended with cinnamon, aromatic woods.

Sila Tea's products can be found on e-commerce sites or Instagram. They might also be seen in special events, as well as high-end cafes and hotels.

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