Meta, the new name of Facebook Inc., had a deep philosophy when it was created.


Goodbye, Facebook Inc. Welcome, Meta. After 17 years, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has officially changed its name. This name change was also followed by a logo change. Facebook Inc, which initially had the "Like" logo, has now changed to Meta with a logo that resembles the "infinity" symbol (unlimited).

The "infinity" symbol has been widely adopted as a company logo. So, what's so special about this new Meta logo, and how did it come from?

In an upload on the official website, the company explained the features of the Meta logo, which resembles the "infinity" symbol. However, to understand the meaning of the Meta logo, it is necessary to know the importance of the new company name first.

The company explained that "Meta" was chosen as Facebook's new name because the word could mean "beyond" or "beyond", in line with Facebook's vision of building a "Metaverse".


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"With the metaverse, we can go beyond screen boundaries, distance limits, and even physics. Meta is a reminder that there is always more to be created," wrote Meta. To represent the Meta vision, the company finally chose a logo resembling the "infinity" symbol.

What's unique, Meta says, is that this logo was drawn using the company's own Quest virtual reality (VR) technology. According to Meta, the company logo design process is not traditionally done in a two-dimensional (2D) format.

According to Meta, the company logo design process is not traditionally done in a two-dimensional (2D) format. However, the new Meta logo is intentionally made into a moving logo with a unique continuous twisting motion. During its movement, this logo can give the impression of 2D and 3D at the same time.

For this reason, the Meta logo can display different forms, depending on the perspective or point of view of the person who sees it. On the one hand, the Meta logo can look like the "infinity" symbol. "This shape symbolizes the infinite horizons of the Metaverse," wrote Meta. However, when viewed from the other side, the Meta logo also resembles the letter "M", which is nothing but to represent the Meta name itself.


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The company explains that the Meta logo uses unlimited texture, color, and movement to capture the creativity and imagination of the 3D world. This 3D world is the basic idea of ​​Metaverse, Meta's vision of the future.

Even though it looks modern, it turns out that the "infinity" symbol used by Meta and several other companies comes from an ancient symbol. One theory is that the infinity symbol comes from an ancient symbol called "Ouroboros".

The "Ouroboros" symbol depicts a snake or dragon biting its tail, coiling it up to form a number 8 horizontally. The "infinity" symbol is also characterized by a curved line that includes the number 8 horizontally. This symbol represents unlimited life, the life cycle, which consists of birth, life, and death to lead to eternity. Something that fits the purpose of Meta.


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