Mercury retrogrades from January 14 to 25. What does it mean for your zodiac signs?


From January 14 to February 3, Mercury will be retrograde, which means it will move through the early degrees of Aquarius before returning to its usual cardinal earth sign Capricorn. 

Don't panic if something is not working correctly or packages are getting lost in transit. Ahead of the phenomenon, here are also a few other things to expect, based on your sign:

Mercury will also retrograde through your eleventh house of networking, which means that you'll be focusing on team projects that require revision and emails from old friends and colleagues. This will also give you a chance to re-evaluate your professional path.

This planet's retrograde travels through your tenth house of communication on January 14 to 25. It's time to reassess where you're at in terms of professional aspirations. Mercury will retrograde in your ninth house of higher learning and adventure during this period, which will nudge you to explore new ways to improve your skills and personal development.

From January 14 to 25, your ninth house of adventure will be going through the Mercury retrograde. During this period, you'll have the opportunity to reassess what you find satisfying and exciting. From January 25 to February 3, Mercury enters your eighth house of sex, relationships, and pooled resources. It's time to get real in those areas.

Mercury moving backward will allow you to deeply reflect on the things that have held you back from fully opening up to one another. It's also time to heal the wounds holding you back. From January 25 to February 3, Mercury will enter your seventh house of partnership, which will give you a chance to reflect on your one-on-one relationships.

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During this period, your focus will be on who you are and what kind of relationship you want to have with each other. This will give you the time to re-visit some of the projects on the back burner. It will also allow you to get clarity on some of the issues holding you back. While Mercury is in your sixth house of daily routine, it will also urge you to streamline your schedule to focus on what matters most to you.

During the week of January 14 to 25, the messenger planet moves backward, which means that it's time to look at how you're tackling all of the different aspects of your life. This can be an excellent opportunity to re-visit the tasks and routines, keeping you up-to-date and track. On the 25th, Mercury will also move back into your fifth house, which could bring out the old texts and bring out the creative projects you're still working on.

Since December 19, Venus has been retrograde, which has allowed you to reflect on your love life. From January 14 to 25, Mercury will move backward in your fifth house, which will nudge you even further into thinking about what you want from your partners.

The planet of communication is going through your fourth house of home life, and it's bringing up old issues that you might have neglected. While it's normal to feel intimidated, it's also beneficial to have the time to look after them.

As the planet moves backward from January 14 to 25, it might feel like projects are running on empty. You might also feel like the people you're working with are not being present enough. The vibe is intense, and it's not up to you to control it, but it could be a super-creatively satisfying breakthrough.

Your second income house will also move backward from January 14 to 25. It's time to reassess your financial game plan and start looking for new ways to make it work. Mercury returns to your sign from January 25 to February 3; during this time, anything that comes up for you will be your focus, so make sure to set new boundaries and prioritize self-care and self-Love.

Mercury retrogrades from January 14 to 25 in your sign, and it's time to reassess how you present yourself in the world. This is also a good time to brush up on the things you're good at, as it's essential to see how those around you perceive them. Mercury moves back through your 12th house of spiritual pursuits after the 25th. This could be a great time to start tackling more spiritual projects and improve your writing and journaling.

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Mercury's backward turn can also lead to new discoveries and opportunities to dive into your most profound dreams. You might be prompted to reflect on a complicated subject that you've been dealing with.



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