What’s an art exhibition for you?


The pandemic has forced art galleries and artists to experiment with new platforms, which are quickly becoming the norm. 

The year 2020 was unprecedented for everyone affected by the pandemic, including the art exhibitions. Today, as galleries are starting to reopen, most of us experienced virtual exhibitions in the past year, which gave a glimpse of how we are going to view art in the future. 

Social media has changed the art world 

Before social media, museums are the only way for people to see an artist’s work or experience. But when social media arrived, it has changed everything, since it's now easier for the artist to share their work.

And when the pandemic hits the globe, online exhibitions have been part of the art industry. For example, the National Gallery of Victoria has an online exhibition for their exhibitions throughout the lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia. During the pandemic, several local art galleries like Museum Macan, National Gallery of Indonesia, and Indonesia National Museum joined the virtual art exhibition.

But actually, virtual exhibitions have been implemented by galleries since 2015 to improve their sales. Though it might not be for everyone, virtual art exhibitions help those who live outside the country and those who could not travel during the pandemic. Aside, enjoying the art from your own home could be another way to relax from the stressful working day.

Virtual exhibitions dissolve the intimidating connotation of the physical art spaces

According to the website of Massive Art, virtual exhibitions dissolve the intimidating ambiance of the art gallery. And people could interact with the art piece personally from their home. 

Some people might have different thoughts on viewing an art piece, and there’s no right or wrong, but surely when you attend a physical exhibition, you could not say anything that’s in your mind at that time right? 

Well, but what do you guys think about the whole new art exhibition? Even an artist like KAWS has his virtual exhibition with augmented reality technology. Back in 2020 Acute Art (which you could download from your phone) collaborated to create art exhibitions from everywhere. And those who could not afford the BFF or any other KAWS’s figurine could still enjoy the presence of its character. 

My question for you guys? Are you enjoying virtual exhibitions or physical exhibitions? 

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